I tried going to “KAWAII MONSTER CAFE”【Part 2】

I tried going to “KAWAII MONSTER CAFE”【Part 2】

The other side of the kawaii is in the stomach of monster ?

“Kawaii Monster cafe” opened in Harajuku on August. This cafe shop was produced by Sebastian Masuda who serves as an art director of kyarypamyupamyu, and it’s becoming a big topic now.

In the former part, I introduced about cute and unique interior. I will introduce about the menu, the sales clerk, and “Monster girl” in this latter part.

Enjoy with your eyes and tongue! Colorful menu

Let’s try ordering some dishes!

Pallette!? Rainbow pasta!?

First, I ordered a rainbow pasta called “Painter” because i was really curious about it.
And then…


It was quite colorful pasta than i images. Actually it has a strong impact, but the taste is really important. Well.. How about the taste?

Oh! It’s a Peperoncino!

It’s using a fresh noodles and it’s really delicious! Sauce was made from basil, butter and other ingredient which is perfect combination with this pasta.
It can enjoy with 5 sauces. I will be able to become a regular customer.

Rainbow again!? What’s a “Poison Cake”?

After you are full with pasta, how about the dessert? There’s always room for dessert, isn’t it? So I ordered a “Colorful Poison Cake (Chemical)”.
It’s also colorful and loud color. Is it ok?.
Here it is.


Wow, What a colorful cake!
Actually, i often see the colorful cake like this in other country, but it tastes too sweet.
But, how about this taste?

Strawberry youghurt..?

Anyway, it’s not too sweet, and taste good with its light flavor! According to a sales clerk, the cake dough was made in the store, and is baked. And outside decoration has put a paint on cake by chef one by one.

It was an elaborate cake than i imaged. it looks good, and it tastes great. Why don’t you try this cake too?

There are many original menus

There are many original menus

This time I have not ordered other menus, but there are many interesting menus.
For example, this hamburger.

“M・A・D・B・L・T” is motif of monster.
It looks too cute to eat.


This is “Colorful Poison Parfait・extreme”!
This parfait seems really heavy, so I recommend you to eat with your friends if you can’t eat by yourself.

And furthermore, the drinks are also fantastic!


Alcohol-free cocktails・nondrug (experiment)
When you blend blue and red liquid with this cocktail, you can enjoy various color and flavor.

It depends on the sweets, but the food menus are about JPY 1000, and the drink menus are about JPY 700 ~ JPY 800. I feel that it’s not so expensive.

The unique menu which can be enjoyed with taste and looks.
You will surely enjoy with your friends.

Only here, Monster girl!

So, when you enjoyed the food, let’s take a picture with monster girl. It might be that the monster girl will come to your table while eating.
5 monster girls are in here, but this time I met 2 monster girls, CANDY and CRAZY.

Toy is fashion item, Happy girl, CANDY


CANDY’s theme is HAPPY, and she has many cute and playful items.
Toy on her hand! wings will be revolving when moving.


And super ball on her waist.


She has the spring on her head.


Her fashion is just Harajuku style. It’s difficult for me to wear this style, so I’m impressed by her fashion.

Colorful and cool beauty, CRAZY


CRAZY is flighty girl. She looks cool beauty than CANDY. One of this style theme is “gender”, and she is androgynous character which is cute and cool.


She has a gas mask on her shoulder. Cool!


It can’t see clearly, but there is the character “grape fruit fx” on her back. it’s wild.


What a colorful and cute braid!
When i met her in fact, I was surprised by her cool style, and I got a futuristic impression from her style.

New symbol of Harajuku by 5 monster girls

Monster girl has 3 other girls. Sweet girl, “BABY”. Selfish girl, “DOLLY”, Sexy girl “NASTY”. If you can go several times, you may be able to meet all girls. This is one thing that you look forward to.


I heard that many international visitor comes to this shop to take a picture with monster girl. The reason is that can take a picture with girls of fascinating fashion only here.

The other side of the kawaii nobody knows

Harajuku is creating constantly newest kawaii while take in cultures and world fashion.
“KAWAII MONSTER CAFE” was made from this idea: It seems a monster swallowed all colorful and crazy thing and is bloated.
I introduced about this shop by the former part and the latter part, but how was it?
The theme is “Beyond the KAWAII”. The other side of the kawaii was unknown world, and there was new colorful and crazy world in there.
I would like you to confirm that with your eyes. You may be under a spell of this world!