Spooky Ghost Tavern “YUREI”

Spooky Ghost Tavern “YUREI”

When you went on a date with someone who you are interested in, these situations ever happened to you? For example, you couldn’t keep on talking, or there was an awkward silence between us. 
Even if you ask someone to go out on a date, an awkward silence can’t handle, right ? 
If there is something opportunity for conversation, maybe you’ll be able to become intimate naturally with him. 
As such, This time I tried going to the ghost tavern, “YUREI” in Kichijoji with my boss who I’m interested in. I wonder if I could keep on talking with my boss? I hope his heart beats for me! 

At any time, to be afraid and cute

We walked down the Izakaya street from Kichijoji station, and then we could see the external appearance like haunted house. 
This is ghost tavern, “YUREI”. It took about 3 minute by walk. 
When we climb down stairs and get inside the izakaya, we were greeted by ghost and waitress. 
And then the spider fell in front of our face from above. 
The spider dropped suddenly, so I was really surprised. 
Well… I don’t think that I can bear various traps that lies ahead as cute girl. 

Couple seat for dating

The waitress takes us to our seat. 
Table seat for a large group. 
The counter seat is just the thing for a few friends. 
And this couple seat is for 9 couples a day. 
This time we chose the couple seat, of course. This seat needs a reservation. 
This couple seat can lessen the distance between him because it can’t look from other seat. Maybe the distance of his heart too. 

Fastidious menus

There are a menu and a hand on the table. 
There are a lot of interesting menus, so you will be able to have a good conversation with him. 
After we decided what to order, we use this hand and… 
Ordering the food by this “Orin”. 
To make a toast, we ordered an original “ghost cocktail” and a limited time cocktail called “Enma’s hometown”. 
We are starving, so we ordered many foods. If the normal tavern here, maybe he thinks “Is she a big eater?”, but this tavern has very interesting menus, so I guess he feels that you are an inquisitive girl. 
After that, drinks has come. 
The ghost and waitress, “Dorami” is making the cocktails for us, talking the causes of death of herself. 
I was given a sense of affinity by her story, so if you are interested in it, please ask her. 
Cocktails were made by shaking the shaker firmly, so the taste is so good. You can enjoy alcohols! 
My boss ordered a cocktail called “Enma’s hometown”. 
He looks a cool guy. It tastes refreshing like a gin and tonic. 
Then, food has come. 
This eye is limited to 4 dishes a day. 
It look like the real thing, but I was hungry enough to eat anything. 
Next is “straw man”. 
It’s popular menu, and it’s really delicious. 
This name is “Hakamairi” which made from “tohu”, it means that “visit someone’s grave”. 
Topped with starchy mushroom sauce; like water to the gravestones.
To topped with starchy sauce proactively, and I will appeal to him my femininity.

Oh no, it fell down back. 
When I look into his face… 
He was dumbfounded to me. I guess this is a judgment on me. 
There was an awkward silence between us, but luckily, the toadstool gratin came and air has totally changed by it. 
We got excited over talking about this mushroom. 
In this ghost tavern “YUREI”, there is many hints that can begin to talk like this. 
That would be a big help. 
And the special dish is “spare ribs”. 
This spare ribs made by steeped in the secret sauce for 6 hours. It blaze up in front of us. 
Yeah, I guess you will be able to be a cute girl in this situation. 

To the spirit world? The Russian roulette

We had some dishes, so we feel better now. All right, let’s try enjoying the special menus of “Yurei”. 
We tried doing Russian roulette, “test of courage”. 
This roulette has 3 levels, and we tried doing first level, mini demon. 
It looks a normal deep-fried “Chikuwa” which is a kind of fish paste, but It seems that the king Enma had put the special seasoning in one of Chikuwa. 
We tried eating… 

Unfortunately, I have lost this game. 
Oh no, It tastes terrible! I can’t keep smiling. 
And, I don’t know why the ghost and waitress gave me the “Tenkan”, but… 
I became a ghost. 
Unexpectedly changed the position. I’m so mad at myself.. Let’s try next level, Red demon. 
Next is mini cream puff. 
We tried eating… 

Luckily, I won this game. Depend on levels, it seems that the taste will be more terrible. 
I feel a bond with him, who grimacing at the taste. 
Now, I won one game and lost one. 
The final game is the deep-fried pork dumplings of the king Enma level. 
We tried eating… 

He have lost the game again. It tastes terrible at the highest level. 
He is dead. 
My boss’s funeral started; he go into the casket, and then, arranged flowers while play the music of the Buddhist sutra. 
Will he become a ghost?…If so, Is it good news for me because I’m a ghost ? 
I was stunned, and I was thinking about it for a bit… 
He was revived. It was a living funeral. 
The living funeral; doing funeral while you are alive. Some people do this living funeral that thinks bring myself good fortune for the future. 
He looked refreshed after do a funeral. 
If you do these service; do a living funeral, do a Russian roulette, and become a ghost, you can enjoy for free by rank. Russian roulette is not expensive; JYP 150 per a person (JPY 300 per 2 person) by each rank. 
If you put the “Tenkan” over your head from Kichijoji station when you come next, you can get the condolence payment as ad expenses. Don’t forget “Tenkan”! 

More interesting delicious menus

There is the interesting menu called ”the spirit world chinchirorin”; When you roll the dice and if you get the same number on 3 dice, you can get a present according to numbers. 
He tried this game in high spirits… 
It was an indecisive result. 
Well… His new life will be a tough world again. 
My recommendation is this “NamuNamu love test” for the couples. 

Can be lessen the distance here

The ghost tavern “YUREI” is established as a world view of the spirit world and everything is like a theme park. 
This tavern has more interesting service, “interior” and “menus”; Actually, the waitress says “Namu ~” anytime , and they says “The customer revived” when I said “Check, please”. 
Unfortunately, I couldn’t become a fragile girl, but i could keep on talking with him. Furthermore, I feel he is close to me than before because i could see his personality. 
I couldn’t introduce other things this time, but there are other menu, event, lots of service. You should try to experience! 
You have to go home from the spirit world, even if you had so much fun. Please be careful. Namu ~ 
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