I tried going to “KAWAII MONSTER CAFE” [Part 1]

I tried going to “KAWAII MONSTER CAFE” [Part 1]

The other side of the kawaii is in the stomach of monster ?

Do you know that “Kawaii Monster cafe” opened in Harajuku on August ?
This cafe shop was produced by Sebastian Masuda who serves as an art director of kyarypamyupamyu.

The concept of this shop which was produced by Sebastian Masuda who is trendsetter of Harajuku culture is “Beyond the Kawaii”. He always kept running on the cutting edge of “Harajuku Kawaii”, but he seems went beyond “Kawaii” at last.

I thought “Well… What’s it all about?”, so i went to see for myself.
This shop was very particular about all materials, so I have a lot of things which let you know. Let me introduce in the former part and the latter part.

First, let me introduce about the cute interior in this former part.

Let’s get eaten up by a monster!

“KAWAII MONSTER CAFE” expresses the inside of the stomach of a monster.
So, let’s get eaten up by the monster.

Well, this is an entrance. The monster’s mouth seems to be a door.
Furthermore, the red carpet which is extending from the mouth seems to be a tongue !

Please eat me up! but before that…

Interior of “KAWAII MONSTER CAFE” is divided into 4 themes. You can’t choose the seat of other theme at one time, so you have to choose the seat carefully on this panel of next to the door.

Sweet carousel of the huge cake is waiting for you

So, we will go into the stomach of the monster! Sweet carousel of the huge cake welcome you first. You can’t feel at this picture, but actually it’s rotating.


“KAWAII MONSTER CAFE” has a lot of unique object. Let’s take some pictures together with your friends or boyfriend in front of this cute cake!

Giant mushrooms and Feeding Bottle!? in-store 4 theme

After you enjoyed the sweet carousel, waitress takes you to your seat of theme which chose at the entrance. Let me introduce 4 theme to you.

Be surrounded by giant mushrooms!?


This is “MUSHROOM DISCO”. A lot of gaudy-colored giant mushrooms here.
These are box seats, so you can enjoy talking with your friends!


There are also “secret seats” featuring kiss.
But it’s up to your luck whether you can have a seat or not. You can enjoy each seat even if you chose the theme.

The feeding bottle from the ceiling!?


MILK STAND; animals are keep drinking milk from the feeding bottle hanging from the ceiling. I take my hat off to his idea!
I think that you can’t see in other place and world that these feeding bottles are used as lighting.


And it’s a mirrored ceiling, so you will be able to feel that there are so many feeding bottles on ceiling.

Have a romantic time in the BAR

BAR “Experiment” is jellyfish motif, and you can drink alcohol at here.


The blue lights are emitted by giant jellyfish is really fantastic, and it gives you inner peace.

Mel-Tea ROOM


Mel-Tea ROOM; this room looks like the cutest room in “KAWAII MONSTER CAFE” which has lots of odd design. You thought it is normal room, right?


All foods which were eaten by monster are melting because this place is in the stomach of monster. He is using various measures!

The restroom has lots of super ball!?


He is also particular about restroom. It’s totally colorful design. In the sink ofthe bathroom, I was surprised that the sink was filled with the super ball.

Go for the Tokyo’s newest spots

You can see the plate “Tokyo’s newest spots” throughout the store, and you can use this plate when take a pictures.

Actually i thought “this space is just like a theme park”, when i went around seeing the store. I recommend this place to the person who don’t have time to go to a theme park and a sightseeing area, and the person who is interested in a Harajuku culture, of course.

This shop is using various measures in anywhere, so I feel I want to go there many times.

“KAWAII MONSTER CAFE” which is particular about everything. But he is also particular about the menu and sales clerk. Let me introduce about it in the latter part.
Don’t miss it!