Introduction of the Japan Alps (Southern Alps)

Introduction of the Japan Alps (Southern Alps)

Everybody will know world-famous European Alps. 
The mountain range called the Alps is in Japan. 
Because Mr. British mining expert William go land introduces that a splendid mountain range is in Japan formerly, it is said that it is an origin that named “Japan Alps” for European Alps. 
Mountain range called the Japan Alps, Mts. Hida, Mts. Kiso, Mts. Akaishi were named the Northern Alps, the center Alps, the Southern Alps later. 
In all Alps each scene is attractive. 
In the mountains of the Southern Alps, the forest opens for the climate that is warm a great quantity of rain in such Japan Alps, and the mountain is big, and the ridgeline features a gentle silhouette. 
In addition, it is mountain area having outstanding beauty in Japan, and the rich alpine plant and flower garden of the Southern Alps are sure to be able to boast of the mass of the water to the world. 
Therefore I introduce the rising mountains to generic name “Southern Alps” of Akaishi Mountains this time. 



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Mt.Hinata in the vanguard of the Southern Alps is a small mountain covered at grove of mixed forest. 
Karigahara summit is not the outlook because they are blocked by the trees, but in the place where the westward the summit is a mystical space as sand, such as the beach is called the spread “sky of sandy beach”. 
And it becomes the popular prospects spot that can overlook the mountains of the circumference. 
In addition, it is colored emerald green, and a river and the waterfall flowing through Mt.Hinata are transparent. 
I can enjoy hiking while looking at a beautiful clear stream. 



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Kaikomagatake giving off presence to overwhelm a beholder is located at the Alpine north end and is a mountain popular with mountaineers. 
The view of the foot of a mountain to look down at from a sharp mountaintop part and bave rock to shine white like a sandy beach like a pyramid is splendid. 
I am called “Prince of Southern Alps”,Because it is a figure of a mountain brave violently. 
In addition, because here prospered for a long time as the climax of faith, there is many it, and a small shrine or a monument are put on the mountain path, and the Shinto shrine is worshiped on the mountaintop. 




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It is the mountain which there are relatively few mountaineers in Asayomine located in the northern part of Southern Alps, and is quiet. 
The popularity has charms that there is much though there is not it than Kaikomagatake. 
I can open the good bright way where it is expected when I pass through progress, the forest zone while finding a sound and a smell of nature in the five senses in a beautiful forest. 
And, from the mountaintop, I can survey mountains and Mount Fuji in northern Southern Alps at a best position. 



Kitadake located in the middle of the Southern Alps is proud of altitude of the Japanese second place next to Mount Fuji. 
I can commute slowly in 2 days and 1 night if I enter by car to the mountain climbing base, and there are a beautiful snowy valley and flower garden. It is the most popular mountain in the Southern Alps. 
The prospects can thoroughly enjoy the mountains of the Southern Alps and the splendid grand sight to the center Alps. 
In addition, there is a big rock face on the east side slope and becomes a target of the Alpine Electronics climbing. 




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It features a gentle ridge and, in contrast with Kitadake and Kaikomagatake showing a masculine figure of a mountain, is said to be “Queen of Southern Alps” from an elegant figure of a mountain which had three curls. 
When I pass through the forest belt and go to the ridgeline, I can look around the prospects of 360 degrees. 
A flower garden leads to the side of a calm ridgeline to the mountaintop. 
In addition, I can overlook the magnificent curl topography of the art that I created of nature in the neighborhood of mountaintop. 



It is calm, and Ainotake which is the best of the Japanese third place is a big figure of a mountain. 
The mountaintop can enjoy wide, magnificent scenery so as to be said to be “Dome of Ainodake”. 
The linear low spot that it is thought that there was it in the neighborhood of mountaintop by a landslide develops, and it is thought that around dozens of meters might be more of high altitudes than the present before this landslide happens. 
It is the mountains of the tertiary in Japan, but is estimated now even if it might be the Japanese highest peak in the last glacial epoch. 



It is said that Shiomidake is at distance and the position where Mount Fuji looks most beautiful. 
It is the mountain which is outstanding conspicuously in the Southern Alps when I look in a unique figure of a mountain having two top from far away. 
See Mount Fuji from both peaks and can look to the foot if weather is good. 
In addition, I have abundant alpine plants, and the many flower gardens which I had a heated are wonderful. 



Located in the heart of the Southern Alps, the altitude can be called the relatively minor mountain low. 
So there are few tourists, too and can thoroughly enjoy it slowly and carefully. 
I can enjoy a ridgeline walk after I pass through the forest for a long time. In addition, the prospects of the mountaintop in there are splendid, and a very large scene spreads through 360 degrees. 



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The unique topography of the mountaintop form of hollow that is a trace of the glacier topography near by is seen.
The mountaintop part becomes the rocky place beyond the timberline. 
The beautiful grand sight that a group of beautiful mountains floats in a sea of clouds in a grand manner well can Furthermore, the outskirts are warrens of the alpine plant on the pretence of “Flower garden”, and a beautiful alpine plant blooms in profusion when a season comes. 



Hijiridake is a mountain of the 3,000m grade to be located at the southernmost tip of the Southern Alps. 
The mountaintop neighborhood becomes the rock face, and it is said that the figure is particularly splendid in the days of the early summer to leave snow beautifully strictly. 
It is with the space where the forest area which, in particular, was covered with moss deeply is wonderful again in the Southern Alps where a mountain is deep. 
In addition, the scenery from the top is the particular, and the vast panorama which can overlook Northern Alps, center Alps, Southern Alps, all Mount Fuji opens.