Introduction to the Japan Alps! (Northern Alps)

Introduction to the Japan Alps! (Northern Alps)

Did you know the Alps of Europe that is known all over the world? 
Apart from that, there is the Alps in Japan, too. 
To introduce the world that there are such beautiful mountains in Japan, the Japan Alps were named by William Gowland who was a British mining expert. It is said that it is an origin of that name because it is associated with the Alps of Europe. 
The mountains called the Japan Alps are “Hida Mountains”, “Kiso Mountains”, and “Akaishi Mountains”. After that, these mountains were named as “the Northern Alps”, “the Central Alps”, and “the Southern Alps”. 
Every Alps have each sceneries and each attractiveness. 
In such the Japan Alps, “the Northern Alps” which have many mountains is popular among mountaineers. 
The slant of the whole mountains are fierce and it gives a rough impression. It creates amazing sceneries by these beautiful shapes and it attracts people’s eyes. 
This time, I will introduce some mountains of “Northern Alps (Hida Mountains)” that is a large-scale mountain in the Japan Alps. 

Mt. Yarigatake


“Mt. Yarigatake” is the 5th highest mountain in Japan and is being loved by many people. 
It’s very crowded there on weekends. 
This shape that has been shaped by the glaciers is like a spear.…I guess that it’s just a star of Northern Alps! 
The view from the top of a mountain is amazing and you can see beautiful mountains on every side. 

Mt. Okuhotakatake


“Mt. Okuhotakatake” that is located in the south of Northern Alps, is the highest mountain of Northern Alps and the 3rd highest mountain in Japan. 
When you went through “Karasawa curl”, you can see the steep ridges. 
“Karasawa curl” that was made by glacier is surrounded by the peaks just like a folding screen and the splendid superb views are there. 
Many climbers bring tents here and also enjoy summer skiing because the northfacing slope has snow even in the summer season. 

Mt. Yakedake


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“Mt. Yakedake” that is the only active volcano in Northern Alps. 
The appearance of mountains that volcanic smokes hang over a blue sky is so beautiful and many people are moved by looking at it. Furthermore, this mountain is popular as “You can climb on a day trip” because it is not so high. 
The active volcanoes of Mt. Yakedake supply abundant hot-springs to the surrounding area, so you should go to Onsen to relax after descend a mountain. 

Mt. Norikuradake


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“Mt. Norikuradake” is located in the southernmost point of Northern Alps. It has an elevation of 3000 meters but it has been popular because it’s easy to climb even for beginners. 
However, the bus is used on this route, so you can go to “畳平(tatamidaira)” which is located 2700 meters above sea level, and then you can go to the top of a mountain in about 30 or 40 minutes while looking beautiful alpine meadows. 
There are mysterious blue ponds around the mountaintop and it’s an unmissable! 

Mt. Yakushidake


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“Mt. Yakushidake” has the rough landscape. 
There are the white rocky place around the top, so it creates bright atmosphere. 
The biggest characteristics of “Mt. Yakushidake” are 3 cirques of the east side. 
There are 3 valleys like the shape that scooped the pudding with a spoon. The scene of the east side is a sight to see! 

Mt. Shiroumadake


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“Mt. Shiroumadake” is as popular as “Mt. Yarigatake” among the climbers. 
“白馬大雪渓(shirouma-daisekkei)” that was made by fallen snow and snow avalanche is cool in even the summer season, and that scale of 3.5km in total length is Japan’s best. 
On the promenade, it takes approximately 1.5 hours from the start of the mountain trail to large snowy gorge, but the alpine plants make your eyes enjoy while walking. 

Mt. Kamamatsudake


“Mt. Kamamatsudake” has the ski resort which is the largest scale in Japan and you can go to 1800 meters above sea level by lift. This mountain is good for beginners. 
On beautiful day, the mountains reflect like a mirror at “八方池(happo-ike). You’ll be able to see beautiful scenery. 
The difficulty level of climbing will be high from the area of happo-ike, so you need to well-prepare to climb if you’d like to go to the top of mountain. 



“Kumonodaira” that was made by volcanos is a lava plateau, is located in the highest place in Japan that has an elevation of 2500 to 2700 meters. It is in the deepest part of Northern Alps and it is called “The last mysterious lands of Japan” because it’s difficult to arrive from the starting point in a day. 
This very large plateau has many alpine meadows, ponds and marshes that is called “庭園(teien)”. That scene is a sight to see. 

Mt. Tsubakurodake


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“Mt. Tsubakurodake” is the most popular mountain. It actually has steep slopes but there are sidewalks and it’s easy to climb. 
This mountain has also a superb outlook and you can overlook the Northern Alps at the top of the mountain. 

Mt. Jonendake


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“Mt. Jonendake” is located in the south of Northern Alps. 
This mountain of beautiful pyramid shapes have more presence than others. 
Rare alpine butterflies are in this mountain area, so it’s a one of the highlights. 
The top of the mountain is not large, but you can enjoy the 360° panoramic view if the weather is good. 

Mt. Chogatake


“Mt. Chogatake” is next to “Mt. Jonendake” and it has gentle ups and downs. 
There is the twin ridges on the south of the top and climbers can enjoy the panoramic scenery from a mountain ridge. Furthermore, there are many alpine meadows, alpine plants, and ponds around there. 
You’ll be able to enjoy the charm of the four seasons of Northern Alps.