Introduction of the Japan Alps (Central Alps)

Introduction of the Japan Alps (Central Alps)

Everybody will know world-famous European Alps. 
The mountain range called the Alps is in Japan. 
Because Mr. British mining expert William go land introduces that a splendid mountain range is in Japan formerly, it is said that it is an origin that named “Japan Alps” for European Alps. 
Mountain range called the Japan Alps, Mts. Hida, Mts. Kiso, Mts. Akaishi were named the Northern Alps, the center Alps, the Southern Alps later. 
In all Alps each scene is attractive. 
The central Alpine mountain has low altitude in the Japan Alps, and it features it that there are many mountains which it is sharp because glacial erosion is remarkable, and have a sharp peak. 
I introduce some rising mountains to generic name of Mts. Kiso, “center Alps” this time. 



Komagatake which is the highest in the center Alps is a popular spot among mountaineers. 
A semicircular hollow spreads out under my nose when I go down Senjojiki Station that is Japanese best place Station by a ropeway. The scene called “Senjojiki curl” is splendid. 
As for “Senjojiki curl”, a glacier hits the mountain many times in the times for the glacial epoch 20,000 years ago and is art of the Nature which it is scraped off, and was formed. 
Furthermore, the beautiful colored leaves are seen in autumn and please the eyes of the mountain climbing visitor. 



Autumn colored leaves are beautiful and can overlook the Northern Alps and the Southern Alps. 
It is a gentle figure of a mountain, but stone statue and Stone Pagoda of souls are enshrined on the mountaintop and show the sharp one side like a cliff. 
In addition, there are a promenade and a botanical garden as well as the mountain climbing sidewalk, and there is turnout in families in the season for outings. 



Seeing from which position, Hokendake of a steep rocky place pushes up a sharp tetrahedron keenly, and there is an atmosphere keeping out people. 
It is an extremely dangerous mountain for the person climbing a mountain. 
Because I grovel in the rock and climb it and must go down, attention is necessary. 
If anything, it may be a mountain to look at not a mountain to climb. 



9/27〜28 空木岳 2864m #空木岳 #百名山 #登山#中央アルプス#駒ヶ根市

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Central Alpine Utsugidake to rise midmost is the best of the central Alps second next to Kiso-Komagatake. 
The name using the kanji of the meaning “sky” and “tree” is attractive, too. 
The mountain body is covered to a rock, and there are the white face of the mountain and scenery. 
In addition, a huge stone nestling right under the mountaintop is popular as a photography spot. 



Mount Kosumo rises in the northern part of center Alps and the southern boundary. 
The ridgeline is covered to a creeping pine and is a gentle feminine figure of a mountain. 
There is the place where it is hard to walk a mountain trail with a place showing a slight collapse and the root of the tree, but is a safe mountain. 
The mountaintop has good view and can see the Southern Alps and Mount Fuji and the neighboring central Alpine mountains. 




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Mount Ena is the central Alpine southernmost tip. 
Triangulation point, observatory, the Ena Shrine deepest-placed shrine head office are on the mountaintop most and are known as a mountain of the faith. 
I can walk leisurely while looking at Mount Ontake and Norikuradake which are a splendid scene climbing a mountain, Kiso-Komagatake, the Southern Alps. 



たぶん今年ラストの山行@飯田市風越山 #登山 #風越山 #紅葉

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The green fern that the Kazakoshi mountain located in the central Alpine vanguard is dark is the little-known spot that beautiful views such as Komagatake, Mt. Mitake, the Hokendake can enjoy in grassy plain opening on the wonderful forest and the top and the mountaintop neighborhood. 
I come in Kayato hill of the one side when I pass through the forest on foot for about one and a half hours. 
Here, this world and Mount Mitake are seen in the other side of a grassy plain streaming in wind, and a splendid superb view opens.