Meet the Buddhist priest?  Can be a Variety of Experience?  Japan’s “Temple Cafe” is Interesting!

Meet the Buddhist priest? Can be a Variety of Experience? Japan’s “Temple Cafe” is Interesting!

Do you know “Temple Cafe” which is a secret tourist attraction of Japan? 

The temple cafe which can enjoy Japanese nature and Buddhism culture is great fined of the tourist attractions while healing the fatigue of the trip. 

Recently, you can experience to get me the make a abracelet and copying of a sutra to the Buddhist priest. 

This time will tell with carefully selected temple cafe located in various parts of Japan! 

Temple Cafe Daikanyama

I can enjoy vegetarian cooking in the cafe in Daikanyama here. 
The vegetarian dish taken out here seasons the Italian food, and a delicious laborer is done.
In addition, the experience to be taught the making of rosary(bracelet when I advocate a prayer to Buddha) and copying of a sutra by a Buddhist priest if I make a reservation is possible.



Kamiyacho Open Terrace 

There is the temple cafe called the oasis of the downtown area in this temple in the Tokyo downtown area among office buildings!
Cafe “Kamiyacho Open Terrace “in the site of the temple visits many office workers to heal fatigue.
In addition, how about checking it when you see the sights of Tokyo because there is the event regularly?
(Reservation priority. You can participate, even on the day if there is a vacancy.)  



Housho Temple

This is a certain temple cafe in Hosho temple of Ishikawa!
There is a tea room in the corner of the historical main hall of a Buddhist temple of approximately 400 years.   

There are a Japanese-style tea room and chair seat. When a heart is settled down to good comfort, it is a spot of the reputation.
The flowers of the season to bloom in the precincts and the garden feel the four seasons in Japan.  



D&Department Kyoto

D&DEPARTMENT#仏光寺 #kyoto #japan #京都

CHENGさん(が投稿した写真 –

It is a certain room cafe in a Buddha light temple in Kyoto. !
It is the shop of a very stylish atmosphere, but is the cafe which the atmosphere of the temple can enjoy when I take off shoes and relax in the room of the tatami mat, and there is a family’s Buddhist altar.
Because it is located in many places of the tourist attraction, how about dropping in when I visit Kyoto?

【Website】D&Department 京都店 

Kamakura Temple Cafe

Next is Cafe where a priest of Joei temple spreading out from the Kamakura era acts as a master!
It is a cafe located in the sightseeing spot, but the space that can relax in the outside noise in the other place spreads out one step when I set foot.  

It is the menu which copying of a sutra can experience no reservation to collect popularity in particular.
Because it is the copying of a sutra having a short it of 20 characters to trace it in a big character, and to write it, and to do, I can experience it in 10 minutes. 
Because I am innocent and advance a writing brush, there are many voices called “Heart was clean.” and is put after having finished writing it.  

Because I offer the copying of a sutra that I finished writing in Joei temple and do it, I can have a real experience though it is simple!