Let’s enjoy the world-view of the Warring States Period! 9 beautiful “castles” in Japan

Let’s enjoy the world-view of the Warring States Period! 9 beautiful “castles” in Japan

Japanese castles that have long history and are still left even now. 
Almost current castles were revived, but it is said that there were more than twenty five thousand castles in the old days. 
The stately appearance and the interior with atmosphere… 
If you stand in that places, you will be able to feel the world-view of the Warring States Period. 
The more you look at that, the more profoundly beautiful it looks. You will probably feel the deft technique of that period. 
The citizens were not allowed to enter that places. The view from the top floor is the scenery that many Busho(military commander general) of the Sengoku period(the Warring States Period) dreamed of, but you can stand there. 
The thing to feel is different depending on the person, but I hope to be able to convey the appeal of Japan through castles.
This time I would like to introduce very popular castles which still retain the original features, as sightseeing spot. 

Matsuyama Castle


“Matsuyama Castle” is untouristy by comparison with other castles, but the original features are attractive. It has tremendous support from maniac. 
This castle is on the mountain, so you can do hiking and it’s also possible to use the lift and ropeway. 
You will be able to get fabulous views of Matsuyama city and Seto Inland Sea from the top of castle. Furthermore, it has a defensive strength because there are many traps to be able to prevent a invasion of an enemy. It’s a unmissable castle! 


Himeji Castle


“Himeji Castle” is known as the first Japanese World heritage Site and that appearance is white and beautiful. It has a high defense function as fortress, is one of the best castles in Japan. 
The white walls are applied the wall materials which are made by mixing lime, and that walls have the function of waterproofing, fire prevention, and bullet. 
This castle is lit up in the night, you can look fantastic and beautiful Himeji castle. 
In the large Japanese garden “Koukoen” which there is near Himeji castle, you can view seasonal flowers and a beautiful scene of castle. 


Matsumoto Castle



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“Matsumoto Castle” which has timeless dignity. 
But it is not only the appearance to be excellent. 
The interiors such as the stairs, the floors and the posts are still same and amazing. That space which were carefully kept are one of the things which Japan boasts about to the world. 
In the castle town, there are the buildings called Kura-zukuri that were built in old times and the buildings of blend things Japanese and Western are still retained. That nostalgic streets are attractive. 


Hirosaki Castle


“Hirosaki Castle” which can look over the beautiful mountains or plains. 
This castle has 8 bridges. All bridges with atmosphere are red color, so these place are popular as the best place to take a picture. 
Here in the spring, pretty cherry blossoms bloom, and in the autumn, you can see beautiful autumn leaves. 
This region gets the severe cold in the winter. Hirosaki castle which is covered with snow is also beautiful. 


Inuyama Castle


“Inuyama Castle” has a lot of charm! 
There are not the fall prevention net or wire on the observation deck, so you can enjoy thrills. 
This castle is small but it is a classical style, so it’s popular. 
There are the shrines, the temples, and the souvenir shops at the foot of the castle, so you should take a walk on the castle town after you went to Inuyama castle. 


Nijo-jo Castle



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“Nijo-jo castle” which has the gorgeous atmosphere. It has a vast area and there are lots of buildings there. 
After entering castle, the glamorous carved gate greet us. 
The interior is also very gorgeous. The beautifully colored paintings of the partitions and walls, furthermore, the sculptures of under the roofs are unmissable. 
Ninomaru garden in the north side of Nijo-jo castle is designed to be able to appreciate it in a good balance, is highly regarded worldwide. 


Kochi Castle


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“Kochi Castle” is known as the castle that Japanese hero “Sakamoto Ryoma” looked up. 
The person who can climb the castle was limited with the person who had high social position. As Ryoma was a man of low social status, it is said that he just only could look up. 
The night scene is top 3 in Japan, so the light up of the night is also unmissable. 
In the festival in winter season, many candles and illuminations lights up, and it is wrapped in a fantastic atmosphere. 


Hikone Castle


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“Hikone Castle” has many buildings because it escaped from being damaged in fires and wars. It is one of the four castles designated as National Treasure. 
After going up the steep stairs, you will be able to have superb views of Lake Biwa from the top of castle. 
The garden which is located in northeast of the castle, and the appearance of Hikone castle that can be seen from Genkyuen.  These are not seen in other places. 
In the autumn season, it is lit up at night. It produces a romantic atmosphere. 


Matsue Castle


“Matsue Castle” is one of the popular sightseeing spot. 
The exterior walls are covered with black thick board, and it has stately features. 
You can take a tour of the inside, besides there is also the tour plan to go around river of castle in a small boat. 
You will be able to see the different side of castle if you take a small boat.