Boom All Over the World! Let’s Go to “Cat  cafe” of the Topic!

Boom All Over the World! Let’s Go to “Cat cafe” of the Topic!

Do you know “cat cafe” becoming the boom all over the world now? 
“Cat cafe” means the coffee shop which I keep a cat loose in the room, and provides a cat and time touching it. 
For the purpose of coming in contact with a cat to the last, I can drink tea incidentally. 
Neko cafes originated in Taiwan around 1998, and Japan’s first neko café opened in Osaka in 2004. 
The number of the Japanese stores spreads through the world now across 150 stores of the world most. 
I approach about charm of Japanese “Cat cafe” this time and introduce a cat cafe in Tokyo! 

Feature of Japan’s “Cat cafe”

When there are a lot of cats, I am worried about a sanitation , but am the atmosphere that it is clean everywhere, and is bright. 
The class of visitors has many women, but there is the individual customer of the man unexpectedly, too. 
About 5-20 cats live at will in the space that can be relaxed such as the living. 
I do tea and reading in the calm atmosphere that there is the cat and can spend the time of happy healing. 
Because I play with a cat, and a seat is on the floor, comfortable clothes may enjoy the play with the cat. 

How to enjoy “Cat café”

The way of enjoying cat cafes is each person. 
Because rules are different, I can realize it in all shops by a shop or do not know it, but introduce the way of enjoying only by the cat cafe here. 

  • Healed to see the natural figure of the cat
    Pleasure in the cat cafe is to be able to watch the natural figure of many cats close. 
    I curl up and sleep and play a toy and eat dish and can watch the play between cats close. 

  • Try to play with a cat
    Not only if a cat permits it, I pat it, but also I hold it in my arm and may sit down on a knee. 
    I can play with a cat with a toy prepared in a shop. 
    In addition, I can put up the snacks of a cat selling in a shop when it is fixed time. 
    It is good to play with a cat at that time. 

  • Try the Photo Shoot
    I make trial and error to take a favorite cat and 2 shots and best shot and I put the photograph of cats in the album of the smartphone and do it for collection only for oneself,and what I improve it in SNS and share with the person of the cat lover is fun. 

  • Try to Discover the Rare Beautiful Cat
    In addition, it is recommended to visit for a sense to go to the zoo because there are various types of cats to a cat cafe. 
    What visit it to meet a high-quality beautiful cat participating in the rare cat and show that I have not watched only with an illustrated book will be good. 


Fashionable “Cat cafe”

Recently, I hardly think that there is a cat with a cat cafe boom, and the stylish shops increase. 
I introduce a very stylish cat cafe this time in Tokyo. 
When you visited Japan, please stop by. 

  • Nekonoiru kyukeijo299
    Area 4 times as large as an average cat cafe and the sofa post that can leisureiy relax are characteristics. 
    In addition, I can spend it being relaxed heartily without a voice sounding than a general cafe because acoustic absorption works because it is quiet. 

  • Cat cafe MoCHA
    Luxurious space not to think of to be Ikebukuro, Shibuya, Harajuku with the cat cafe which there are 3 stores in is popular. 
    Because an atmosphere is very good, it is used as a date spot. 

  • Temari’s House
    The mysterious view of the world such as the theme park is totally characteristic. 
    The space that created the world of the fantasy causes a topic for the prettiness such as the picture book. 

  • Nyafe Melange
    It is the stylish space such as the designer apartment. 
    It is comfortable as if I came to the house of the friend to play, and there seem to be many visitors in the one. 

  • Cat cafe MONTA
    It is the stylish cafe which is particular about furniture and interior and music. 
    Authentic and delicious coffee is also a cafe satisfactory that are provided at an affordable price. 

  • Cafe Calaugh
    Many people come in good access called one minute on foot from the station. 
    Because there are a magazine and the comics of approximately 400 kinds, and there are the meals such as curry or the gullet and a rich drink menu, it is a good cafe of the comfort that unintentionally stays too long.