12  Japan’s Superb View Energy Spot

12 Japan’s Superb View Energy Spot

everyone,Do you know Energy spot? 
The energy spot that special place that dot the earth, in Japan it is called “power spot”. 
What you feel at an energy spot is each person. 
I demand healing through nature in there, and, with a motivation, the way of feeling is each person when it is purified heart and soul, but it must be eyes that invisible positive energy is a function place. 
The place called the energy spot exists a lot only in Japan. 
It is an energy spot, but introduces a shrine or the temple this time under the theme of “the energy spot that can overlook the superb view which nature produced”. 
Let’s thoroughly enjoy nature which mysterious power dwells in with a superb view. 

Daisetsuzan National park(Hokkaido)


I rise for mysterious power to be called “the idle garden of gods”, and to attract God and overflow. 
Magnificent Nature opens and is the energy spot that is strong when I can get power just to watch the scenery. 
When it is summer, a flower begins to bloom with a thaw, and a extensive flower garden opens. 
Please visit it in warm clothes even in the summer regardless of the four seasons because it is the place where snow is left. 

Mashu Lake(Hokkaido)


The unique deep blue that water including almost none of the impurities creates is called the lake of God beautifully. 
It is the spot that is strong in energy of the purification. 
On the other hand, it is the present conditions to often hide a figure with deep fog so as to be called foggy Lake Mashu. 
It is unusual for there not to be fog in the summertime in particular. 
How about visiting it by all means at cold time if I look at clear Mashu Lake blue? 

Shirakami Sanchi(Aomori)


THE 森。 意外と何も飛び出して来なかった。 #世界遺産 #worldheritage #森林浴

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Shirakami Sanchi of the very large mountain district where abiogenesis-like beech forest is left is registered with a world heritage. 
I am called “the forest where gods live” in, and a feeling cannot help fretting about the figure of a very large forest opening far to the distance by great power beyond the human intelligence. 
It is the energy spot that anyone can thoroughly enjoy in peace because there are a course and walk course for mountain climbing. 
Because there is a lot of highlight including a waterfall and the pond, I can charge a large quantity of power for one day. 



奥入瀬渓流 #マイナスイオン #aomori #水 #パワースポット #奥入瀬渓流 #aomorimedialabo #あおもりメディアラボ

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To none of the mountain streams which pass to 14km of healing is high-powered. 
I only look at the beauty of the flowing clear stream and waterfall and a state to flow powerfully, and it is in the feeling that a heart is washed strangely. 
In addition, to the huge tree of the beech of estimated 400 years to rise in the mountains years old, I can feel the solemn atmosphere that God dwells in. 
Including the fresh green and the time of colored leaves, it is the energy spot that can enjoy a scene through one year. 

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Road(Toyama)


The valley of Tateyama is called place “Jigokudani” which a dead person arrives at and was afraid, but it is said that simulated experience 
does life after death by seeing the up and can drop temporal crime and impurity. 
While it is wrapped in beauty of magnificent nature, I can fill healing and power. It may be said that the whole mountain is an energy spot. 
In addition, I can see the mysterious superb view in “Mikurigaike” projecting a majestic figure of Tateyama. 




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Kamikochi was considered to be a fit holy place if I worshiped gods for a long time. 
Above all, I can sense magnificent superb view and energy bodily in “Myojinike” in the precincts of Mt. Hotaka Shrine. 
The circumference of the pond is surrounded in quietness and is mysterious. 
Can I not feel that there is God? 



Mount Fuji which was the Japanese symbol which was registered with a world heritage has been worshiped saying that mysterious power was hidden from ancient times. 
Mount Fuji is at the spot that Philippine Sea plate, Eurasia plate, North American Plate join and is a place filled with earth crust energy. 
For very strong energy, I may rarely wake up a physical condition delinquent. 
When we come, let’s fix the physical condition. 



#japan #lovers_nippon #kouyou #ishizuchisan 霊峰「石鎚山」の紅葉。 Colored leaves of sacred mountain "Ishizuchiyama."

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Ishizuchiyama is an energy spot called the mountain of God. 
Above all, the view of Tengudake is splendid, and the figure feels strictness and divineness keeping out others. 
In addition, in Omogokei spreading through the foot of Ishizuchiyama, there is a promenade established along the flow of the river and transparency is high and can enjoy the flow of a clear beautiful river and dynamic ravine. 
The changing beautiful scenery is attractive seasonally. I attract colored leaves season, and much mountain climbing visitors come. 




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Takachihokyo which is said to be the place where God was born is one of the scenic spot on behalf of Japan. 
It is what or will feel a mysterious thing there if I put the body in this superb view not to be able to create by the human hand. 
In addition, I can sense different force bodily from the promenade when I use a boat for hire. 
Manainotaki to look up at from a boat does the heart of people to a captive. 



It is the spot where positive energy acts on so that it is said that the person with the trouble should visit the broad perspective peak. 
It is the beautiful mountains and great plain as it vanishes including the trouble. 
Magnificent scenery for 360 degrees opens. 
I can watch a sea of clouds if lucky. 
I may taste the impression that a sea of clouds filling up the basin is mysterious, and is profound.
There are some conditions to watch a sea of clouds. 
The next day when it rained in spring in autumn and the evening of the day before is desire in a recommended season. 




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It is famous worldwide as a volcano having the largest caldera. 
It is only Mount Aso in the world that I can watch an active volcano close. 
The circumference of the beautiful blue pond which rainwater collects in the crater which is approximately 130m in approximately 600m in diameter, depth, and it was possible for is filled with steam and may receive strong energy. 
In addition, I can feel a sense of unity with nature when I put the body on the extensive green Aso plains. 



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When “Yakushima” that nature breathes with the figure which does not change from the ancient times “is mysterious ,” “surprise” and “healing” are the energy spots that were fully clogged up. 
Because it is an island with a great deal of rain, it becomes the energy of energy of the purification, healing, and water and green power rise. 
In the fantastic space of the forest of Yakushima, I may feel strength of the nature. 
It is Yakushima where the whole island is said to be a power spot, but most visit Jomonsugi which is a symbol In big high-powered one absolutely.