Introduce  Japanese cosmetics. Souvenir to optimal “cosmeics Makanai”!

Introduce Japanese cosmetics. Souvenir to optimal “cosmeics Makanai”!

In Japan, the town is filled with an interesting thing and wonderful things a lot. 
Above all, the package has a cute Japanese cosmetics, too and is easy to use it, and there is a thing of good quality a lot. 
Therefore I introduce “cosmetics Makanai” of the atmosphere of the sum and the cosmetic brand using the natural material of popularity this time! 

What is “mcosmetics Makanai?


Cosmetics Makanai is a cosmetic brand using the nature material which was made to keep a taste and the skin of the “sum neatly.
Because I use the materials which are kind to a body including the food, there are few burdens and is popular among skin among Japanese women if of good quality. 
I handle an item to face-wash, a lotion, the cosmetic miscellaneous goods and snacks including a skin care product and bath articles of the emulsion widely. 
An item of a traditional Japanese atmosphere is only an item cute all. 

There are a lot of beauty items with great effect.


It is the cosmetics which I make the cosmetics not to surround because Japanese women more than 100 years ago protect one’s skin in severe labor circumstances and gave. 
The wisdom for the fair skin that trial and error has been repeated for 100 years is jam-packed.
I introduce me later, but it seems to be Japan, and the display in the shop is wonderful, too! 

There are a lot of items which are good to a souvenir.


It is a cosmetic shop, but sells cute bran of traditional ingredients of bare Japan of the vegetable soup!

The display in the shop is wonderful!


The shop is displayed with a characteristic and feelings every shop. 
In this Sendai shop, the kokeshi dolls of a Japanese traditional doll toy form a line. 

When you request the wrapping there is also a shop that can wait in such a wonderful space. 

Natural Foods and Japanese tableware become the safekeeping container!


Being popularity for the Japanese woman who is particular about beauty most “is a dried konjak sponge”. 
It is cosmetic miscellaneous goods using konjac eaten well in Japan. 
I do skin as bald as an egg while only patting the face easily, and removing small baby fuzz and an old keratin. 
The safekeeping container of the sponge is a wooden bowl with a cover to use when I drink miso soup. 
It is what unique to make Japanese tableware a safekeeping container! 

Where is this shop?


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I send it out to Japan abroad without a forthcoming opportunity!
In addition, it is recommended for the man who does not use the cosmetics because various information is delivered in Facebook about detailed information and Japan of the product!
The person who is interested in Japan, please peep out. 
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