Exciting!  Let’s experience the Ninja in Japan.

Exciting! Let’s experience the Ninja in Japan.

Ninja, which is also the yearning of everyone in popularity all over the world. 
Is there not really much one to be worried about what kind of person it is? 
Ninja is a kind of spy who existed in Japan from Kamakura era to Edo era.  
Many mechanisms were picked with home “Ninja Yashiki” of the ninja who made full use of various wisdom. 
The appearance is a general Japanese house, but there is a structural device to hide in each place of the house from an enemy, and to escape, and to arrest an enemy. 
There is the spot that it is possible for in the experience of facilities to reproduce then “Ninja Yashiki” in Japan, and to really enter inside, and to be able to enjoy and ninja ascetic practices a lot. 
In this study we will introduce some of the facilities that can experience a very fun ninja! 

Igaryu Ninja Museum(Mie)


And trick Ninja Yashiki and ninja of experience and show, you can learn ninjutsu to help even now. 
Exhibition at the time that was used genuine tool of more than 400, such as shuriken is also great. 

[HP] http://www.iganinja.jp/en/index.html 

IgaNinja Shugyonosato Akame Shijuhachi-taki “Ninja Forest”(Mie)


It is the popular spot that I change into ninja clothes, and is enacted in a full-scale experience. 
I learn the ascetic practices using the tool of Shinobi or various technique. 


Koga-ryu Ninjutsu Yashiki (Shiga)



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This is precious genuine Ninjayashiki. 
There are many skillful mechanisms, and the personal thing of the ninja whom I used stays now in those days. 

(Introduction in English) 

Togakushiryu Ninpo Archives Center



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I display approximately 500 tools, 200 , etc. including a photograph and the panel of the practical skill of the ninja, document concerned in a cathedral at the museum. 
Of course there is the corner that can be idle in Ninjayashiki and “shuriken”. 


Kyoto Ninja Dojo


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Mainly in facilities intended for the foreign tourists, there are also goods shop of ninja. 
Because that convey a realistic “Ninja” purposes, entertainment is not, but has been attracting attention as it is training of a full-fledged ninja. 




にゃんまげ居なかった #登別伊達時代村

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An action and a game corner of the ninjas of the force perfect score are the facilities which both adult whom there is and the child can enjoy. 
In addition, because there is the rental of clothes, I finish becoming a ninja, and let’s play! 


Ise・Azuchimomoyama Bunkamura


An attraction and the maze which can train itself of the ninja are theme parks to be able to enjoy. 
There are an action drama and the museum and can play all day in large sites.