Introduce the Japanese festival”Omatsuri” of all over Japan!

Introduce the Japanese festival”Omatsuri” of all over Japan!

I think you have been made in the “Omatsuri” is all over the world of different grand event from that of the everyday. 
All year round place at various places in Japan, is one of the events where you can feel the Japanese tradition. 
However, even in the Japanese festival there are various forms There are featured by region. 
This time I would like to introduce you some of the “Omatsuri” of the enormous popularity that has been attracting attention abroad. 

Sapporo Snow Festival(Sapporo,Hokkaido)


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↑ In the famous festival to represent the winter of Japan “Sapporo Snow Festival”. 
An image made of ice and snow is a big scale of the festival decorate about 200 bodies. 
Light up and projection mapping of the night is also a highlight. 
[time]Early February 


Aomori Nebuta Festival(Aomori)


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↑Every year is the most popular festival visited by many tourists from overseas. 
The “Nebuta” is a shaped object, such as dolls and animals made of Japanese paper and wire. 
The festival is put on the truck the illuminated “Nebuta” lighting parade the city. 
We’ll be enjoy the fantastic world of full impact. 
[Time]Early August 


Akita kanto festival(Akita)


↑ Is a traditional festival with 250 years of history. 
The “Kanto” is what hung a lot of lanterns in rod made of bamboo. 
Men of the land a huge “Kanto” is you shoulder in one person. 
Let’s enjoy the fantastic spectacle that decorate the darkness in the lights danching. 
[Time] Early August 


Niihama drum Festival(Niihama・Ehime)



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↑Get excited men of the festival, “Niihama drum Festival” 
Bearers in the man about 150 people a huge drum stand, parade the city. 
Feeling is pride and full of hot air of high-spirited
good cheer and vigorous in the drum stand of movement. 
[Time]Mid Ocober 


Gion Festival(Kyoto)


Gion-Matsuri in Kyoto. #Kyoto #Japan #gionmatsuri #日本 #京都 #祇園祭

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↑ “Gion Fesival” is a big festival, which is also carried out one month. Among them, most of the attractions is the event called “Yamahoko Junko”. 
Gallant to advance the Miyakooji put the build products such as home and a mountain on top of the carriage “Yamahoko Junko” it has been referred to as a “moving museum”. 
You’ll be able to feel strongly the Kyoto charm. 
Furthermore “Yamahoko Junko” in the eve “Yoiyama” is also a must-see. This is also compelling. 
[Time]Early-Late July 


Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri(Kishiwada・Osaka)



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↑ Japan is known as a hot festival “Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri” is a Danjiri there than 4T each neighborhood young people turn stringing while running vigorously. 
Great trick is to turn a corner of the town without sacrificing speed, it will be overwhelmed by the powerful. 
[Time]Early September 


Yosakoi Festival(Kochi)


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↑ For 4 days, carnival about 18,000 dancers are dancing the city “Yosakoi Festuval”. 
From traditional music, it will captivate lock, the people who came to see you every year devising such as samba. 
It is also a point of interest completely different where there is clothing and music by groups that dance. 
[Time]Mid August 


Tokushima Awaodori(Tokushima)


↑ Awaodori has been held in various parts of Japan as traditional arts representative of Japan.Among Awaodori”Tokushima Awaodori” is exceptional. 
The superb scale and quality people are tourists about 135 million people each year are attracted gather. 
Also is a popular festival, which is also known in the world. 
[Time]Mid August 


Eisa Festival(Okinawa)


↑ The “Eisa” is one of the traditional performing arts of Okinawa. 
Instrument is using a drum, but this has its own different charm there is a kind. 
People who looked at for the first time “Eisa” is a festival that is touched. 
[Time]Early September