Super cool! Introduction “Goshuin” and “Goshuinchou” of Japan.

Super cool! Introduction “Goshuin” and “Goshuinchou” of Japan.

Various shrines and a temple exist in the various parts of Japan. 
Do you know “Goshuin” and “Goshuincho”?  
It becomes the boom among Japanese women and is born until the word ” Goshuin girl” recently.  
I want to tell you this time about “Goshuin” and “Goshuinsho”! 

What is a goshuin?


Goshuin is also referred to as “Gonoukyo”, originally was a stamp that get in when worshipers were housed in the temple and transcription the sutra.  
In the times when means of transportation did not spread, the worshiper prayed for the safety and the happiness of the far-off family whom it was fine. 
In addition, I thanked for that I was able to arrive at a temple safely and copied a sutra,but it was simplified after when and came to get it as proof of the prayer even if I did not put copying of a sutra.  
This spreads through not only the temple but also the shrine before long and can easily have a Goshuin issued by a shogun now. 

What kinds of value?

Goshuin is because they contain the name of temples and shrines, there is equal value and the bill, and the like. Since the bill is worth as a sign of the most important God get from shrines and temples, there is a very valuable Goshuin.
Goshuin has been said to be led to paradise by putting together in the coffin when he died is better to pray. 

The rules of when to get the Goshuin?

There are rules when you get the Goshuin. 
・Only collect is your Goshuin not the praying is a breach of manners. 
Goshuin is not a stamp rally. 
Because only it has been simplified to copy the sutra with feeling, you will after the worship to God.  
・I wrote I am between are food and drink, chat, mobile operation is prohibited. 
Goshuin wrote one letter character wholeheartedly is chief priest and shinto priest. 
Or to talk in a loud voice in the meantime, the mobile in the shooting and call, is rude to the operation. 
・Not paid by the bill of expensive Japanese Yen. 
Price of Goshuin depends on the temple, but in general there are many 300 yen (US $ 2.6). 
When you issue the expensive bill of Japanese Yen 10,000 yen bills and 5,000 yen bills, will be trouble so I do not have to prepare your change.
Therefore, let’s pay with coins. 
Do not go to get written on the notepad and notebook. 
Temples and shrines that will pass in the paper let’s also try to hear because there. 
So, note collect Goshuin is “Goshuincho”. 
There are many original “Goshuincho” of temples and shrines. 
The next step is to tell you about Goshuincho! 

Pop a Goshuincho!


Now, it is Goshuincho that is popular around the young woman! 
Very cute! 

Goshuincho was famous graphic designers and collaboration


Goshuincho that Tadanori Yokoo of the graphic designer was the design. 
Limited 100 books of rare items. 

Goshuincho Japanese paintings were designed


There is Goshuincho where a famous picture was designed historically of the Japanese picture. 

Cartoon masters Osamu Tezuka and collaboration was Goshuincho


今回は県外の友だちも一緒だったため勢いで伊勢国一宮、椿大神社まで御参拝。お目当ては手塚プロダクションとコラボした御朱印帳です。 コラボ御朱印帳は2種類あり、椿大神社の御祭神で道開きの神、サルタヒコが描かれたものと、別宮の椿岸神社の主祭神であり、サルタヒコの妻とされる芸能の神、アメノウズメノミコトが描かれたものがありました。 何れも名作漫画『火の鳥』のシーンをデザインしたものです。 今回は赤い市松が可愛いアメノウズメデザインを買いました。御朱印も折角なので、夫婦二柱を一緒に頂きました。 #御朱印 #椿大神社 #御朱印帳 #火の鳥 #鈴鹿市

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Here Goshuincho is, was the author of such as Astro Boy and jungle emperor Leo, the Japanese cartoon masters, Osamu Tezuka and collaboration! 

Design has many kind of Goshuincho!


Design has many kind of Goshuincho! 
Please look at the real thing when he stopped the Japanese shrines and temples! 
If you feel a great traditional culture of Japan, you should love it!