Popular sightseeing spots in the 23 wards of Tokyo  (Joto area)

Popular sightseeing spots in the 23 wards of Tokyo (Joto area)

Both domestic and foreign people are visited to the capital of Japan, “Tokyo”. 
Tokyo urban is called 23 wards (the special wards), is the biggest city in Japan. 
Downtown area … Chiyoda、Chūō、Minato 
Fukutoshin area … Shinjuku、Bunkyō、Shibuya、Toshima 
Joto area … Taitō、Sumida、Kōtō、Arakawa、Adachi、Katsushika、Edogawa 
Jonan area … Shinagawa、Meguro、Ōta 
Josai area … Setagaya、Nakano、Suginami、Nerima 
Johoku area … Kita、Itabashi 
Joto is the largest area of 23 wards that has 7 districts: Taitō, Sumida, Kōtō, Arakawa, Adachi, Katsushik, and Edogawa. 
This ward name comes from the Imperial Palace (Edo-jo) on east side. 
Joto is far from downtown area, still has old downtown atmosphere, and there are many great spots where can be felt Japanese cultures. 



↑ “Asakusaji” that a big red lantern is famous is in “Asakusa” that is popular sightseeing spot. 
One of the pleasure in here is do walk and eat in a shopping street called “Nakamise” with more than 200 years of history. 

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↑ There are some facilities such as zoo, art museum and museum, and various evens are being continually done in Ueno-onshi-koen (Ueno Park). 
You can enjoy Japanese four seasons, especially, cherry blossom in spring and autumn leaves in fall are famous. 


Tokyo Skytree 

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↑ “Tokyo Skytree” is the new symbol tower. 
Tokyo Skytree was completed in 2012, became the highest building in Japan. 
It is a popular spot to be able to enjoy for a long time because there are many facilities: There are the observation deck, the planetarium, the aquarium, and the shopping mall. 
Ryogoku Kokugikan 

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↑ “Ryogoku Kokugikan” is the sumo arena that can watch the sumo tournament which is one of the national sports of Japan. 
And there are many “Chanko-nabe” restaurants around Ryogoku Kokugikan. “Chanko-nabe” is kind of Japanese stew, is special food for sumo wrestlers. You should try to eat “Chanko-nabe” ! 



↑ “Odaiba” which is a large artificial island, is located in waterfront. 
You can enjoy widely in Odaiba that have beautiful locations, the shopping mall, the park, the beach, and the event site. 
Ooedo-onsen Monogatari 

↑ In the Odaiba area, I really recommend that you go the onsen theme park called “Ooedo-onsen Monogatari”. Edo (Japanese capital during approximately 200 to 400 years ago.) themed Ooedo-onsen is the facilities which reproduced cityscape of Edo, and you can enjoy wearing yukata and eating food. 
It’s very popular spot for Japanese people. 



↑ “Nippori-senigai” is famous that there are many fabric specialist stores. 
So many various fabrics are in Nippori-senigai, so you can find bargains easily at a low price. 
Many people who fashion-related professional, the person who likes fancywork, and the foreign visitors are visiting here. 


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↑ “Yuuyake-Dandan” is the stairs on the slope road to Yanaka-Ginza street called “Yanaka-Ginza”. 
Surrounding scenery seems like Showa period (approximately 30 to 90 years ago.), and the beautiful sunset from the top stair is famous great spot. 
There are about 60 small shops in Yanaka-ginza, so you can enjoy eating food, walking. 



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↑ “Soujiji” (Nishiaraidaishi) where the number of the worshipers in Tokyo is the top-class. 
It is said to be one of the great temples of Kanto areas. 
Children and also adults can enjoy eating rice cracker and dango on the temple street. 



↑ “Taishakuten-Sandou” became popular as sightseeing spot because it was used by drama. 
Taishakuten-Sandou is the temple street from Shibamata station to Shibamata Taishakuten, and there are many simple candy stores on that street. 
It seems like Asakusa, but it is not crowded like Asakusa, so you can enjoy and relax there. 


Kasai Rinkai Kouen

↑ “Kasai Rinkai Kouen” (Kasai Rinkai Park) which is faced in Tokyo Bay is a big park which has the aquarium, the lawn space, and the viewing tower. 
And the biggest Ferris wheel in Japan is also popular. The view is beautiful and you can see Mt. Fuji in the noon of the good weather. In the night, you can spend a romantic with night view.