Tokyo”Sake bar” seven selections!!

Tokyo”Sake bar” seven selections!!

Liquor “sake” made with the manufacturing method peculiar to Japan is the brew which assumes rice and malted rice and water main raw materials.  
When it’s held in its mouth, it would be possible to feel the fragrance a Japanese craftsman completed with the utmost care and the taste piled on every layer there. 
Popularity also rises at foreign countries recently, and the deep taste is being reconsidered once more. 
Sake is uncommon in the world,”Hot,Cool,Normal temperature is Delicious. 
As for the temperature, about 5~55degree centigrade are recommended. 
But there is sake if there are many kinds, and how to drink is various… 
So,I would like you to tell me to professional! 
Shops called “sake bar” increase in recent Japan. 
“Sake bar” “is a store specializing in sake of the counter-style”. 
Since the sake drink while dining, is characterized by the food menu is very fulfilling. 
Please enjoy the sake with the meal. 
This time, we introduce the”sake bar” recommended that in Tokyo. 

sakeba -Shibuya


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Small dining sakeba in the back alley of Shibuya has thing sake more than 40 kinds, and the dish is an unrivaled article and a topic, too. 
It is the modern atmosphere that adopted a “Japanese” taste, and the decor seems to be high-quality at a glance, but seems to be able to go to visit it willingly relatively because it is reasonable. 

sake nanairo -Kitasenju


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We also focus on the seafood there is a sake of about 40 species in the beaten path spot, tucked away in the old building. 
Japanese and Western are well blended, cozy spac of the flow of jazz. 
Because it seems to us to prepare the sake tailored to the dish and preferences, it is safe even in sake beginners. 

Hotaruzuki -Ikebukuro


At the store you have of Japanese sake professional “sakasyou”, is a real sake bar constantly more than 80 kinds of sakeare aligned. 
Cuisine can enjoy authentic Japanese. Interior There are a private room that was settled in the spread, available according to the scene. 
The luxurious atmosphere, exquisite appetizer. Although expensive, is a shop that I want you to visit us once in sake fun. 


sakebar-Shu Shu- -Kanda


When sake of the all over Japan drinks with a small glass, and can enjoy comparing it; the shop of the topic. 
I can eat an original dish to have sake more deliciously. 
It is a counter and the small shop of several seats of high table, but the interior to let you image Spanish Bar is attractive. 
It is the shop where anyone provides the space that can enjoy sake willingly to. 

sakebar KIRAZ -Mita



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The sake bar of the new style that let Japanese culture and Spanish culture fuse. 
The Spanish food which was particular about ingredients-centered unrivaled article menu is extreme popularity for a woman. 
Because the enthusiastic liquor which the sake enthusiast did not know seems to be put, I seem to be able to enjoy it just to look. 

musshuMIzuki -Ginza


Love IMO Jyouchu!

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Original Japanese shops entertain in local dishes to match the 180 kinds of sake and seasonal. The sake is the main butalso substantial contact with other liquor cuisine. 
Wrapped in the warmth of the wood, the space was calm at home is attractive. 

Kuri -Ginza



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The interior based on Japan is at a glance like the restaurant, but is a sake bar handling the sake from 50 kinds to 100 kinds. 
There seem to be many people attracted by a novel atmosphere to drink sake with the style of the bar. 
Dish accord with sake is prepared for, but is the shop which I want to use when I taste liquor as the second case after a meal slowly because Sake is Maine.