12 Unique Hot Springs in Japan

12 Unique Hot Springs in Japan

As one of the impressions of Japan, many people might imagine the “Hot spring” to mind. 
“Hot spring” which are very good for the health, and are used as medicine in Europe, and are the highest comfort places for Japanese. 
Hot springs gush out in various areas of Japan because the volcano is in activity. 
This time, I found some unique hot springs in Japan, so let me show you. 

Hotel Urashima “Cave bath”(Wakayama)


↑ This cave bath is located inside a natural cave, so you can see the ocean through the hole of cave. 
It’s a miracle cave bath which was created by nature. 

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Myougaya Honkan “Outdoor bath”(Tochigi)


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横山 淳さん(@j.yokoyama1000)が投稿した写真 –

↑ Two colors of an opaque hot spring which along the riverbank of the cobalt blue. 
You may have the best time while gazing a river flowing gently and leisurely. 

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Beppu-onsen hoyo Land “Mud bath”(Oita)


泥湯、堪能。ドロドロで楽しい! #別府 #別府温泉保養ランド #泥湯

Amanda Mandyさん(@amandamandy_official)が投稿した写真 –

↑ This rare hot spring has the high-quality mud which have good effect for beauty and health in the bottom. 
It’s getting popular among women because this mud can use as face-pack for free. 

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最後は温泉。早起きした甲斐ありました🗻 #ホッタラカシ温泉 #富士山 #日の出 #絶景

岡本隼さん(@okamoty)が投稿した写真 –

↑ “Hottarakashi Onsen” has a splendid view that can be integrated with nature. There are two areas, East side and West side, so you can enjoy each views. 
sunrise glow, daytime, sunset, night view, and starry sky… It’s a secret hot place where you can enjoy a panoramic view all day long. 

※Hottarakashi-Onsen WebsiteClickHere! 

Yunosawa Intermittent Spring Yunohana(Yamagata)


↑ This boiling hot water (intermittent spring) is not a man-made thing. 
It’s very rare stuff which was made by nature. Sometimes it does gushes for 1 hour, but sometimes it does not gushes… I was impressed by this intermittent spring which is like a creature. 

※Yunosawa Intermittent Spring Yunohana WebsiteClickHere! 

Goshikinoyu Ryokan “Goshiki Onsen”(Nagano)


「色が変わる温泉」 温泉は非常に神秘的なものだ。 地面の中から温かい湯が沸いてくることだけで不思議なのに、さらに沸いてくる湯の色が毎日変化する温泉がある。 長野の信州高山温泉郷の一つ、五色温泉 五色の湯旅館。 この五色温泉は、その名の通り、5色に色が変わることで有名だ。 変化するメカニズムは解っていないらしいが、白、緑、黒などに変わる。 露天風呂は、10人ほど入れる大きな湯槽で、山に囲まれ、目の前が川となっている。 少し温いくらいのお湯にゆっくり浸かり、自然の温泉を堪能できる。 明日は何色の湯で楽しませてくれるだろうか。 #長野の温泉 #信州の温泉 #五色温泉 #五色の湯 #五色の湯旅館 #信州高山温泉郷 #温泉 #混浴温泉 #秘湯 #秘湯温泉 #旅行 #温泉旅行 #誰にも教えたくない温泉 #湯あたり上手 #露天風呂 #野天風呂 #温泉ソムリエ #湯めぐり #hotspring #onsen #spa #japan

湯あたり上手な温泉KING♨️👑さん(@onsenking)が投稿した写真 –

↑ Wonderful hot spring which changes to five colors by weathers and seasons. 
Exactly, this colors will be a mystery of nature. 

※Goshikinoyu Ryokan WebsiteClickHere! 

Suimeikan Karukaya Sanso ”Outdoor bath”(Gifu)


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dai.jpさん(@dai_jp)が投稿した写真 –

↑ This is the largest hot spring in Japan. 
Magnificent scenery among the beautiful mountains and green… Let’s spend best time at a location full of open space. 

※Suimeikan Karukaya Sanso WebsiteClickHere! 

Houshi-Onsen Chojukan ”Houshinoyu”(Gunma)


↑ This bathtub which has passed more than a century after it was built would be able to feel Japanese culture and history. 
This wooden space, and sense of hot water which gushes here and there under the feet. Your heart and body will be healed! 

※Houshi-Onsen Chojukan WebsiteClickHere! 

koganezaki hurouhushi-Onsen ”Outdoor bath”(Aomori)



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↑ It is faced with the Sea of Japan, so you can feel sea sounds. Besides you can enjoy the bath while looking at beautiful sunset. 
Let’s enjoy a superb feeling of freedom while looking at far across the sea toward the horizon. 

※koganezaki hurouhushi-Onsen WebsiteClickHere! 

“Seseki Onsen”(Hokkaido)


↑ it’s very rare hot spring which is in the sea, but it’s precious hot spring for a limited time, it is available only at the time of ebb tide (1st July to 15th Sep). 
It’s ok to wear a swimwear, so it’s especially crowded with tourists in summer. 

※Seseki Onsen WebsiteClickHere! 

“Kamuiwakka Yunotaki”(Hokkaido)



yamakeitterさん(@yamakeitter)が投稿した写真 –

↑ This mysterious hot spring which all the flowing waterfall and rivers are hot water (the temperature is different on places). 
Let’s shorten time to soak in the hot water because it is highly acidic. 
it is located in the deep mountains that not managed, so it’s a little dangerous. But I’m sure that you can enjoy this mysterious world!! 

※Kamuiwakka Yunotaki WebsiteClickHere! 

“Jigokudani Yaen-koen”(Nagano)


Snow monkey

Chung-heng Choさん(@chunghengcho)が投稿した写真 –

↑ This hot spring is not for human, but this place is popular as sightseeing spot because we can see Japanese macaque there. 
To see the bathing scene of the monkeys, many tourists come here. 

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