Why serves “HOT GREEN TEA” at restaurants in Japan?

Why serves “HOT GREEN TEA” at restaurants in Japan?

Japan has many amazing culture including Anime. 
You might be surprised at custom and cultures in Japan when compared to your country. 
For example, at restaurants in Japan, water is served for free. 
But some of restaurants serves hot green tea for free, like water. 
For example, High-class Japanese restaurants; serves Japanese food. 
And Japanese sushi restaurants; serves rice and fishes mainly. 
There are various sushi restaurants style in Japan: The sushi bar which eat at the counter or the table, and the conveyor belt sushi which can pick your favorite sushi from a rotating conveyor belt. 

But sushi restaurants of the other style also serves surely hot green tea for free. 
Why is not water? 
Why it’s Japanese green tea? 
Have you ever thought “Why”? 
This time I will introduce about service of green tea of Japanese restaurant and Sushi restaurant! 

Why serves “Green Tea”?

The reason is Japanese green tea freshen your mouth. 
Hot strong tea has the effect on removing oils from your tongue when you ate sushi. 
Therefore, green tea can wash away last taste from your mouth, and you can taste next food freshly, so it is served in many Japanese restaurants. 
Also it is said that green tea kills germs and prevents food poisoning. 
For these reasons, especially sushi restaurants which handle raw foods serve green tea than water. 

How about a tepid green tea?

Not tepid green tea but hot green tea is served in many restaurants. 
And also, this contains a consideration for persons. 
Actually, sushi rice is using a vinegar (called “shari” in Japan), so we feels thirsty. 
To quench your thirst, hot drinks are better than cold drinks. 
Therefore, It’s hot green tea at any time. 

Why is it called “Agari”?

Anyway, green tea is called “Agari” by some people at sushi restaurant in Japan. 
So, why same tea has different names ? 
Actually this is concerned with Japanese old historical cultures. 
The reasons why it calls “Agari”, it’s a custom from work called the world of geisha; women treat men with alcohol and performance. 
If woman has no one, they had to work to make a powdered green tea for guest. 
It was a disgraceful work because this work is for an unpopular woman. 
A word “お茶”(ocha) has of bad omen in the world of geisha: lose the customers and doesn’t get popular. So, “お茶”(ocha) was called “上がり”(agari), and it contains a wish for getting a customer into store. 
For the service industries, a word “茶”(ocha)lead to a meaning of “茶化す”(chakasu). Therefor “お茶”(ocha) was called “Agari” by many people. 
By this history, a word “Agari ” is used at sushi restaurant before we knew it. 
Green tea has such a secret story, hasn’t it !? 
Japanese culture is very profound. 
I will transmit about Japanese culture and information from now on, so please check it out!! 
See you next time!