Japanese Sweets Cafe in Tokyo.

Japanese Sweets Cafe in Tokyo.

“Japanese sweets” is the sweets using Japanese ingredients. 
A chiffon cake and the parfait which I kneaded soybean flour and powdered green tea into. The sweets which put the ingredients of the Japanease together to cake including the blancmange using the tofu are called it. 
The cafe of the stylish friendship sweets which let cake and the Japanease fuse in various parts of Japan opens one after another. 
I use Japanese ingredients, but am accepted from a foreigner because a confectionery is near. And I collect popularity from all the countries of the world. 
This time,I introduce a shop of stylish Japanese sweets of Tokyo. 



任用切れで仕事が休みだった間、お母さんと神楽坂に遊びに行って来た。ずっと前から行きたいね〜って話をしてて、ようやく予定があって。 わたしの誕生日もちょっと過ぎた頃だったから、ご馳走しちゃる!とお母さんが♡ 一番のお目当はここ!和風カフェ、茶寮。抹茶好きにはたまらないスイーツがいっぱい⁺♡(°͈꒳​°͈=°͈꒳​°͈)♡⁾⁾* もうマフラーはいらんかと思ってして行かなかったら、1時間くらい並んでて大後悔。笑 でも待った甲斐あってお腹も心も幸せな時間を過ごせました♡ありがと、お母さん〜♡ #神楽坂 #茶寮 #抹茶

さとみ୨୧*⡱さん(@satomi320)が投稿した写真 –

It is a cafe letting you forget the urban noise with a calm atmosphere here. 
I can eat sweets with the volume for delicate taste. 
In addition, it is excellent at an atmosphere, and the terrace seat lighted up at night is recommended. 


Nakajima no Ochaya(Takeshiba)




CHA NO YU(Kichijoji)


This shop of the appearance based on the Japanese style has a sofa seat and a terrace seat and is the stylish cafe which can relaxedly. 
Above all, it is the “Bento” which it is wrapped in * furoshiki that I call for a topic, and comes out (limited number). 
When I open a furoshiki, I am excited! 
*The introduction of the furoshiki Here! 




It is a cafe of the relaxation to have in modern space among a bamboo forest. 
There is the room of the private room(Reservation is required.) other than a terrace and a sofa seat, too. 
In addition, I sell a recommended tea leaf or tea set to a gift and a souvenir. 


Funabashiya KOYOMI(Hiroo)


“Kuzumochi” of the texture that sticky is recommended sweets. 
It is the stylish shop where there are a mixture with Japanese and Western , a nostalgic atmosphere. 
Because the takeaway is possible, eating its way is good! 




It is the cafe which can thoroughly enjoy the Japanese green tea by the Japanese green tea sommelier. 
Because I can have the tea which a sommelier performs select of by various how to serve, I drink it, and comparing it is recommended! 
Not only the tea but also the original sweets are topics. 


Satei Zenkashoin(Shibuya)


おやつ♡ #お抹茶 #然かすてら #たくさん食べる日

@kettymewが投稿した写真 –

This shop in 5F of station building “Hikarie” of Shibuya is the cafe which can enjoy taste of Kyoto. 
This best recommended popularity menu is “Zen Castella”. 
I use the egg of the chicken which these sweets eat high quality ingredients, and grew. 




It is a cafe and the shop of the kimono using old private house old here for 1,922 years. 
I can mention a kimono and the culture of the sum while relaxing in the cafe which can look at the beautiful green of the courtyard. 
It is attractive to offer food and a drink for low price. 




🎋말로 다 할수 없는 분위기

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It is the cafe which this shop redecorates the wooden building built in the old times, and was made. 
The space that seemed to skid in the old single house of Japan in time is attractive. 
I can spend leisurely time while looking at a garden. 


Gion Tokuya(Harajuku)


Yuki Uotaniさん(@uouoyuki)が投稿した写真

“Gion Tokuya” which set up the head office in Kyoto opened in Harajuku, Tokyo. 
Sweets having high quality beautifully to offer here are that both the appearance and taste are tastes more than the imagination! 
In chic space, let’s thoroughly enjoy good-quality sweets!