14 Japanese amazing “Bridge” that should cross over.

14 Japanese amazing “Bridge” that should cross over.

Originally, bridges are practical structures for crossing the river, but it appears on many scenes of stories of all times and places as motif of the myth, the legend and the literature. 
There are so many bridges in the world such as beautiful bridges like artwork, the bridges that can feel the history, and the bridges that has unusual shapes. 
It is attractive one of the bridges that the appearances will be changed by seasons, weathers, times, or peoples. 
So this time, I will introduce the most attractive bridges of Japan. 




“Horai bridge” is the longest in the world as wooden bridge and is recognized in the Guinness World Records. The stately appearance that exceeds trend of the times is used many times as a location for samurai movies. 
On a fine and clear day, you will be able to see Mt. Fuji at the middle of the bridge. 




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It is the one of the world’s top three tidal current, float on “Naruto-Kaikyo”. The biggest highlight is “whirling waves”. 
On the promenade that is installed under a road, you can see whirling waves from an altitude of about 45m. The view is an extremely powerful! Further, you can relish the sea wind of Naruto-Kaikyo. 




“Jougakura-oohashi” that has big arch is beautiful and you can enjoy the splendid scene that spreads through 360 degrees in all seasons. 
The refreshing green spread in spring and summer season. The snowy landscape create subtle and profound beauty. 
All seasons are very attractive but the especially autumn season is the most popular and many people visit here. 




“Momosuke-bashi” that has a nostalgic atmosphere was built about 100 years ago, was restored as Heritage of Modernization and is being loved by many people. 
Why don’t you walk on the bridge and see the beautiful Kisogawa river from the bridge? 




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In Shimantogawa river flowing through Kochi, there are many “Chinka-bashi(subsidence bridge)”. 
“Chinka-bashi(subsidence bridge)” is different from the common bridge, was designed to sink into the river when the water rises beyond a certain level. As a characteristic, there is not parapet to reduce resistance of the water. 
“Iwamachinka-bashi” has really beautiful scenery and is used as the shooting location of TV and the poster, and also it has become a popular sightseeing spot. 




“Kappa-bashi” is great popularity sightseeing spot. 
You can see a superb view that you cannot forget after seeing it once. 
The mountains of hotaka-renpo that are changing a color through the four seasons, and the beautiful surface of the Azusa river… These sceneries attract people’s eyes. 





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“Yume-no-tsuribashi” that has only 2 board to walk is swung by the vibration that people walk, so you will be able to get a kick! 
It’s really scary, but the beautiful lake surface of the emerald green is a marvelous view. 
Furthermore, there is a romantic theory that your wish of love comes true when you pray at the middle of bridge. 




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“Akashi-kaikyo-ohashi” that is the largest in the world has beautiful scenery in the morning, afternoon and evening. The bridge is lit up in the night and the lighting-up of 28 kinds is performed. There is also the promenade which is about 150m in length so you can take a walk. Furthermore, there is the thrilling tour that can climb tower top of the bridge (cf. photograph) by an elevator! Please check it out!! 




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“Tausyubetsu-gawa-kyoryo” that has beautiful concrete arch look different depending on the period, is very mysterious bridge. 
It begins to sink into a lake from around Jun, and it sinks in the bottom of a lake on about October, and then it appears again from the frozen surface of a lake on about January. 
It is said that is the bridge of the illusion because it is a state of sinking and floating in turn. 




A long time ago, the stone bridge called “Tsujunkyo” was built after people were troubled with shortage of water. Now, it supply the water to the neighboring fields and was designated as a nationally important cultural property. You will be overwhelmed by the tasteful stone construction and the water that has beautiful form of a parabola. The scenery which is about 20 meters in height from the bridge that there is not the railing has a thrill very much. 




“Kintaikyo” that is representative of Japanese wooden bridge has very long history. 
Five beautiful wooden arches were designed for averting being washed away of the bridge by the flood. It endures a flood more than 250 years, still keeps the original feature now. 
The scenery of the bridge that is bridged over a quiet fresh stream among mountains is just a Japanese taste. 





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“Iya-no-kazura-bashi” that was made by the plant called Actinidia arguta is the one of rare bridge and has been designated as Important Tangible Folk Cultural Properties. 
You can see the view when you walk the bridge because the step was made of logs. 
This bridge is in a wealth of nature, so you can enjoy beautiful seasonal scenery. 




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“kurima-oohashi” connect with a part of Okinawa Islands. There is a beautiful ocean that has a high transparency, and also it changes the color depending on weather or time. 
Okinawa has other bridges for connecting the islands but this bridge is the second longest. 
It feels good to go for a drive, but you will stop a car and then can enjoy the view from the bridge. 




“Irabu-oohashi” that is the longest bridge as free bridge connect with a part of Okinawa Islands too as with “kurima-oohashi”. This bridge was opened on January, 2015. It’s a new bridge and very beautiful, but it has gained popularity because it’s free. 
There are no building around, so you can see clear blue sea as far as the horizon.