Wow !  There would be such a Shaved Ice.

Wow ! There would be such a Shaved Ice.

“Kakigori” is a Japanese summer desert made of shaved ice, served with various syrups, and sometimes with assorted toppings.
The desert is very popular, and many Japanese even privately own simple “Kakigori” machine to enjoy at their homes.
Stores specializing in shaved ice increased recently.
There is a lot of shaved ice which performed topping of various kinds of taste and the fruit of the season.

This time,I introduce the menu of the store specializing in popular shaved ice! 

Sekka:Fulled strawberries!

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Chiaki Sasakiさん(@anela.duffy)が投稿した写真 –

There is it from Sugamo Station of Tokyo to a 7-minute walk.
A soft texture is shaved ice of the reputation.
It is the luxurious shaved ice using many strawberries.
What an about 11 strawberries are performed topping of other than syrup!
As for this shaved ice, a sale day is announced at Twitter on the day before or the day.

Sekka:Kiwi fruit + milk

This is Kiwi fruit shave ice.
In the screen left, in the powdered green tea taste, the right side, a grape taste…It’s not easy to choose.


Sekka:Cinnamon + Soybean flour

I discovered slightly rare combinatorial shaved ice!
It is the shaved ice which performed topping of soybean flour “Kinako”and spice “cinnamon” .
【SHOP】Shaved ice studio Sekka 


Kanna:Black sesame

Next is a store specializing in shaved ice in a 15-minute walk from Sangenjaya of Tokyo. 
In “Kanna”, I can enjoy shaved ice of 8 classic taste and 6 limited time taste.
This black sesame taste is white day-limited shaved ice.
It is the rare shaved ice which banana cream and a banana are inside.



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This is tiramisu taste born in Italy.
Affinity of rich tiramisu fits ice very well!

Kannna:Sweet potato

There are shaved ice of Mascarpone and sweet potate taste, too!
Sweet potate taste is rich. 
【SHOP】Wa kitchen Kanna 



It is a store specializing in shaved ice which is near to the Tokyo downtown area this time.
Harmony of the sweet pumpkin taste and caramel taste is popular among women at the best!

Yukiusagi:Roasted nuts + Chocolate cream

#雪うさぎ #ローストナッツとショコラクリーム #かき氷

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It is the luxurious shaved ice that chocolate cream and the in touch feeling to the teeth nuts were performed topping of on soft and fluffy ice.

Yukiusagi:Cherry Blossom-an(bean paste)

Finally, I introduce cherry blossom and white bean paste shaved ice like Japan.
The shreds of the leaf of the cherry blossom are contained and smell the cherry blossom.
The topping is a rice-flour dumplings and food preserved in salt of the cherry blossom.
And it is zunda bean jam (a green soybean the bean jam of the main material).
This color and taste right image Japan.