Introduce “ZAUO” of the bar which fishing can eat on the spot.

Introduce “ZAUO” of the bar which fishing can eat on the spot.

Does the visitor from the foreign countries know the bar called “ZAUO” of an increasing topic? 
It is not a common bar! 
Fishing is possible! 
Furthermore, a knob can enjoy the liquor in the fish which I caught. It is a bar such as the amusement park of adult! 
Of course the child can enjoy it, too! 
This time,I introduce a slightly strange Japanese popular bar, a way of enjoying and charm of “ZAUO”! 

At first let’s play fishing!


Catch to eat #japan #freshisbest

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↑ A big fish preserve opens as soon as they enter the shop, and many fish swim. 
If only here looks, I do not think with the bar! 

what kind of restaurant makes you catch your own food?

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↑ It is a start of the fishing at once if I purchase bait! 
I can rent the fishing rod free. 


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↑ Let’s hand it to the staff if we can catch a fish. 
Because the staff supports it when I cannot readily catch it, don’t worry! 

Let’s eat the fish which we caught!

The fish which I caught with oneself can eat by a favorite cooking method. 

. 久しぶりに鯛釣ってきた🎣 #ざうお #レベチ #まじレベチ #引用小野

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↑This is most popular “Sashimi”! 
Because I lived until only a few minutes ago, it is fresh, and there is not fishy smell and is delicious! 

めっちゃ美味しかった! #目黒 #釣り

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↑ I make the sushi! 
Because it is rare, at the opportunity to eat a fish having just finished catching it with sushi, please appreciate it by all means. 

ガクッ… #ザウオ #目黒 #鯛 #自分で釣った

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The person who does not like a straight fish will order “grilled fish”! Because is a grilling fish with salt, is refreshed; and What goes well with alcohol! 

↑”Hard-boiled fish” is the best, too! It goes well with a rice. 


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↑”Deep fried fish” is recommended, too! It goes well with beer! 


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↑And it is the seat of this model of a vessel! 
Among swimming fish, fishing eats, and drink…Will you look very happy? 

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↑Atmosphere preeminence! There are a lot of stores, too! 
Let’s make a wonderful memory with “ZAUO” if we come to Japan.