“Hakama” that female university students wear at the graduation are beautiful!

“Hakama” that female university students wear at the graduation are beautiful!

“Hakama” which is a kind of kimono, is put over kimono and tied with the strips. 
In general, men wear it as a formal dress at a wedding ceremony or a coming of age celebration, and women also wear it at the graduation of university. 
That style is very gorgeous and beautiful and it is attracting interest even overseas. 
This time, I introduce such a history of “Hakama” and women who dressed in a beautiful hakama. 

The history of Hakama

Hakama is originally a costume worn by men, and women began to wear it from the Meiji Era(approximately 100 years ago). 
Women in old times typically stayed at home, did household work and child-care, but women began to go out actively since the introduction of European civilization. 
However, women wanted the comfortable clothes because it’s hard to move in the kimono. This is the reason that hakama came to be worn. 
After that, first, female teachers began to wear it, but it gradually became school uniforms. 
“Hakama and lace-up boots, and Western hairstyle and big ribbon”. 
In the Meiji period, that wonderful fashions which were a blending of Japanese and Western cultures became the rage. 
That popular style is this↓ 

Even at present, many people think that they want to try that pretty style, and it also appears in popular animes or cartoons.↓ 

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As the centuries roll by, they stopped wearing hakama as school uniform because almost women began to dress in Western style. Since the popular actresses that wore hakama appeared on a TV program, many women were admired hakama. 
A hakama which became popular were established as Sunday best of the graduation of school because it was used as school uniform before. 
The most standard design is arrow-feather patterns, and it’s a arrow motif. 
The arrow-feather has the meaning of “Go straight towards like arrow!”, and it is said that it’s good for a day of the departure. 

Hakama snapshots


↑ This hakama is arrow-feather patterns of the standard pattern. But a floral pattern is popular recently, so the person who choose this pattern is on the decline. 

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↑ This one is a hakama of popular floral pattern. The majority of graduates seem to choose floral pattern. 

↑ Floral design is popular recently, but the simple and retro-designed pattern like this pattern is also cute. 

↑ This one is rare pattern. If you aim at the higher-grade hakama-style, you should try this pattern! It’s a good combination with cherry blossoms, isn’t it? 

↑ The feature of this style is unique hairstyle! 
it produces somehow sexy atmosphere. 

↑ She’s enjoying a novel style which is a cross between Japanese and Rock style! 

↑ They’re wearing brilliantly colored hakama. They’re very gorgeous! 

↑ Recently, hakama is worn at the graduation of elementary school. 
Her hakama style is cute, isn’t it?