School uniforms snapshots of Japanese high school girls

School uniforms snapshots of Japanese high school girls

The existence of “high school girl” that is equal to brand value, is esteemed in Japan. 
Everyone looks cute strangely when wearing school uniforms, and many people will probably feel charm to healthy youth of teenage years. 
Most Japanese high school have a rule that have to wear school uniforms. 
There are certain school rules depending on high schools, but girls enjoy wearing school uniforms which added their own style within the range of rules. 
This time I will introduce styles of school uniforms of Japanese high school girls who live in the present age! 

↑ It’s a simple style basically, but she enjoys the school uniforms by pins! 

↑ She has a refreshing impression by binding a sweater round her waist. The backpack style is popular among the current high school girls. 

↑ She has a cute impression by pink sweater and sneakers. 

↑ It’s a standard style by short skirts, navy socks, and loafers. But it’s simple and cute, isn’t it?

↑ It’s a boyish style with red hoodie which has a strong impact! It has a healthy impression, hasn’t it? 

↑ Left:She wears a pink cardigan. the red headphone is good as accent, isn’t it? 
Right:Her outfit is simple, but the bright blue skirt and red ribbon are pretty. 

↑ The school uniforms, hoodie, and backpack. Their casual outfits are good! 
The fluorescent colors are very stylish! 

↑ Their styles of the duffel coat and scarf are so cute! 

↑ 4 girls group who wear school uniforms that have strong impacts. 
They are high-level stylish persons, aren’t they? 

↑ They are simple style with long skirts, but the strong color of the ties and backpacks do good work! 

↑ The beautiful blue and pink sweaters and bandannas are cute! 

↑ The beige sweater and navy school uniforms are good combination! Her hair style is also cute!