Introduction of “Japanese pattern dresses” that Japanese and foreign style are blended together!

Introduction of “Japanese pattern dresses” that Japanese and foreign style are blended together!

Japanese wedding becomes casual style every year. 
Recently, young people tend to emphasize an individuality than tradition. As for wedding costume of the bride and groom, it’s very flexible and freedom: some people wear the dress, some people wear kimono, but some people wear both dress. 
“Japanese pattern dresses” that Japanese and foreign style are blended together are getting popular in such a free style wedding. 
So, this time, I will introduce some beautiful Japanese pattern dresses! 

↑ A big ribbon of skirt leaves an impression! 
it creates the personality by front ribbon like a band of kimono, doesn’t it? 
It is using Japanese pattern everywhere. 

↑ Bold gathers and a voluminous dress attract people’s attention. 
By blending various material and patterns and putting it unevenly, it creates freshness. 

#結婚式 ♡·°˖✧˖° #和柄ドレス 珍しくてみんなにビックリされた( ்́ॢꇴ ்̀ॢ)♡

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↑ The beautiful dress which has brilliant pink color and flyaway skirt. 
The bride looks attractive by flower decorations. 

↑ This dress which has beautiful layered cloth. 
The tuxedo goes well with her kimono, and the slacks look like Hakama(it’s a formal men’s divided skirt). 

↑ This dress is the simple design, but the silhouette of mermaid line is so sexy. 
A back band is also wonderful, isn’t it? 

↑ This dress which has the Japanese pattern with the black lace. 
Rose color and back ribbon are very compatible. 

↑ It’s a glamorous dress with dark pink and bold ruffled skirt. 
The black-themed Japanese pattern balances a whole dress. 

↑ A large band which shows up on slim silhouette. 
This dress looks stylish by a diagonal band! 

#Repost @atsu_nishikawa with @repostapp. ・・・ . 【ジャフィー】 手描き友禅の咲き誇る花々がアシンメトリーにあしらったデザイン。どの角度からも女性らしい美しいボディラインを引き立ててくれるマーメイドラインのドレス。 . 【JAFFY】. The design which the flowers in full glory of the freehand drawing "Yuzen" were asymmetric and treated. The dress of the mermaid line enhancing the beautiful line of the body like the woman from all angles. . #和ドレス#着物ドレス#和#日本#カラードレス#伝統美#伝統#帯#着物#ドレス#ウエディングドレス#バーティードレス#レンタル#オーダー#レンタルドレス#オーダードレス#和柄ドレス#和装#和装ドレス#衣装#西陣織#japan#japanese#dress#party#partydress#kimono#bridal#AtsuNishikawa

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This dress of mermaid line brings out the beauty of woman’s body line. 
Furthermore, the deep color creates a mature atmosphere. 

↑ Japanese pattern dress which has a big ribbon in front side. 
It’s an attractive design that makes an impression of lovely image. 

↑ Japanese pattern dress which has beautiful gradations of red and blue colors. 
It creates gorgeousness by silhouette of back.