National costume of Japan “Kimono”!  Stylish snapshots

National costume of Japan “Kimono”! Stylish snapshots

Kimono is a national costume of Japan. 
Japanese people routinely used to wear it as everyday clothes. 
Currently, we don’t have a opportunity to wear kimono except special day like ceremonial occasions. But it is still familiarly known and being loved even now. 
There are many variations of Kimono, and it became more stylish! 
Have you ever thought like this ? “I’d like to try it!” 
So this time, I would like to introduce the rental shops of kimono, and show kimono snapshots! 

Stylish Kimono snapshots


↑ Kimono with contrast of purple, red, and gold. This woman looks fascinating by a fox mask. 

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神楽坂きものスタイルさん(@kagurazaka_kimono_style)が投稿した写真 –

↑ Fascinating pink and colorful color, with modern and chic band. It’s a high-fashion Kimono style! 

good night Kyoto… so cold…❄️

ELENA NG 吳嘉希さん(@elena1201)が投稿した写真 –

↑ Cream based color and flowers are girlish and romantic. 

↑ The bold crane design on the red cloth has a big impact! The pink soft band brings out the color of its kimono. 

↑ This kimono has big fascinating flower patterns. It’s a gorgeous look by the band of black and gold color!  

#華ナリキモノらいふ#お雛様ランチ#ヨドコウ迎賓館 #kimono #キモノコーディネート #作家モノ #京友禅 #一見紅型と思われる#誰ガ袖 #嫁入り仕度 華なりキモノらいふのメンバーとランチの後ヨドコウ迎賓館にお雛様を愛でにいってきました。 素晴らしいお人形やお道具の数々日本の財産ですよね。 今日のコーデは、一見紅型と間違われるけど、天野裕次先生の京友禅の着物に誰が袖の帯を合わせてみました。この着物はお嫁入りのお道具の着物(遠い目)その当時は派手な帯を合わせていましたが、帯をシックな色合いに変えるだけでまだまだ着れます(笑)着物の良いところですよね💖

@ymigonneが投稿した写真 –

↑ Colorful various patterns are drew on the pale blue, and the band of checkered pattern is also beautiful! 

↑ It’s back style. The right one is usual knot, but the other one is added touches to the knot. 

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Haruka Abeさん(@ah_0418)が投稿した写真 –

↑ It’s a high-impact pattern, but it isn’t too colorful and the flowers of band are so cute. 

↑ As the pattern of kimono, it’s unusual pink and white stripe. 

↑ Boots, leather gloves and fur. It is a fusion of Japanese and Western styles. 

Kimono for rent

An old capital city of Japan was not Tokyo, was Kyoto. 
For some reasons, Kyoto has deep connection to kimono even now. kimono is perfect combination with Kyoto street. 
There are many rental shops of kimono in Kyoto. 
They have variety of kimonos, and also can coordinate and style hair. 
There are kimonos for men of course, so can be enjoyed by married couples and couples! 
Among rental shops of Kyoto, I will introduce these kimono rental shops which has many kind of kimonos. 
変身処 舞香(Experience shop Maica)