That sounds delicious!  “Eki-ben” in Japan that have local food ingredients!

That sounds delicious! “Eki-ben” in Japan that have local food ingredients!

Do you know “Eki-ben”(lunch box) of Japan? 
“Eki-ben” which is made with local food ingredients, is a food that have a lot of Japanese food cultures.
You can buy it at the stations of Shinkansen throughout Japan and it’s a one of pleasure of the trip! 
This time, I would like to introduce some “Eki-ben” which are sold in Japan!

Seasonal bento


This eki-ben is made by a long-established store founded in 1830.
It is sold in Kanazawa station. The octagonal shape is beautiful! 
The food ingredients change with seasons, but “Hirekatsu”(pork fillet cutlet) is very delicious and very popular!
The price is 1200 JPY. 

Shumai bento of Kiyoken


This bento called “Shumai bento” was appeared in 1954 and it’s being loved more than 60 years in Japan. It is a specialty bento of Yokohama!
Since its release, it has sold about 19, 000 meals in a day.
Kiyoken sell in an area around Yokohama in particular and it’s very famous store that everyone knows. Shumai of Kiyoken is still familiarly known even now!!
The price is 800 JPY, and it is sold in department Stores or main stations such as Kanagawa, Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, and Shizuoka. 

Heiji bento


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This one is sold by Kanda Myojin-Shita Miyabi. 
It’s a double-deck lunch box. The upper section has a Japanese food like a simmered dish and the lower section has chirashi-zushi! 
The lid of wooden box has “寛永通寳”(Kaneitsuho) mark which was made by burning with a hot iron.
When you finished eating that, you can bring back the bento container as a souvenir.

Minato-Aji-Sushi bento


This bento can enjoy 3 type of Aji.
It has fresh wasabi and wasabi grater, so you can make a wasabi paste! It’s eaten with wasabi soy sauce mixed with fresh wasabi paste and soy sauce.
This bento is sold for a limited time from 1st March to 31th April at Shizuoka station or Tokai area such as Numazu station and Mishima station.
The price is 960 JPY. 

Takenoko-okowa bento(back)・Gomoku-wappa-meshi(near side)


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The back one is “Takenoko-okowa bento” for limited time on Spring. 
Okowa refers to rice served as a meal cooked by steaming glutinous rice, and it has dashi taste and flavor. 
The front one is “Gomoku-wappa-meshi”. 
Wappa is a lunch box made of thin wooden sheets and Wappa-meshi is a local dish, putting seasonal ingredients on top of rice and then steaming together with the box.
It is put various colorful seasonal ingredients on top of rice. You absolutely can enjoy it !!
It is sold at main stations such as Ueno station, Omiya station, Utsunomiya station, shinjuku station, and Tokyo station.



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This one is sold at Asahikawa station of Hokkaido. 
It has sumptuously many sea foods on the rice! It’s a one of popular eki-ben.

Hokkaido Shinkansen bento


This is a Shinkansen shaped eki-ben and it’s very popular among railroad fans and children!
Please look well! There is a hokkaido shaped Konbu (kelp) on chirashi-zushi!

Dragon Ball bento


Dragon Ball bento is a must-eat bento for anime fans!!
Not only Dragon Ball, there are also popular animes bento like Evangelion bento.

Bento-ya Matsuri


【親子とわたしと新幹線(実話)】 東京駅ナカで駅弁といえば…ココですよね♡ 悩むよね…どれも美味しそうで(笑) 大好きな九州新幹線「さくら」の駅弁をみていたら 男の子ふたりが駆け寄ってきた!! 「北海道新幹線がないーーー!!」 そこにママ登場。 「あるじゃない、ほら」 「違うよー。これ、はやぶさだもん(´;ω;`)」 まー、たしかに似てる(笑) ボディのラインがピンクかムラサキかの違いだもん。 「諦めなさい」とママ。 「えぇー、本当にないのー」とぐずる子ども。 そんなに欲しいのか。北海道新幹線!! 「北海道新幹線弁当なら駅弁だけが並んだ売店に山積みになっていましたよ」とわたし。 …実はちゃっかり下見をしていてその時に見ていたのです(笑) 「ほんとうですかー!」 「ありがとうございますー!」とママ。 「行こう行こーっ」と喜ぶ子ども。 私の一言でこんなにもHappyになれる人がいるんやなと思って、なんだかほっこり♡ 無事に買えたか心配になって(迷っていたら案内をしてあげようと思って)売店に行ったら、 子どもの手には北海道新幹線が!!!!!!♡ あー、よかった.٩(๑⃙⃘˙ᵕ˙๑⃙⃘)۶:.。 少し離れたところから喜んでいる姿を確認♡ 親子が売店からいなくなったあと… 私も北海道新幹線弁当を買いましたとさ(笑) (本当は牛タン弁当か九州新幹線「さくら」弁当にするつもりだったのにw) #東京駅 #駅ナカ #駅弁 #北海道新幹線 #北海道新幹線弁当 #親子 とのやり取り #ほっこり した #安心した #私も買った w

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If you think that you want to eat various eki-ben of various parts of Japan, I recommend this shop to you! Actually, you can eat many eki-ben of all areas in Japan because the shop which had 170 kinds of eki-ben is in Tokyo station!

This shop make bento there, so you can eat warm and fresh bento. Why don’t you go there if you have a chance to come to Tokyo?

Bento-ya Matsuri