Introduction to Japanese wedding !

Introduction to Japanese wedding !

Japanese marriage has traditionally been considered a matter between families rather than individuals. Maybe you will be surprised that Japanese wedding is entirely different from your country. 
This time, I will introduce about such a Japanese wedding.

Yuino(exchange of engagement gifts)

First, there is the most important ceremony called “Yuino” before holding a wedding ceremony.
“Yuino” is the ceremony that exchange the gifts as the proof of the betrothal and couple, their families, and matchmaker gather on a day called the lucky day.
In general, men give gifts and money called “Yuino-kin”, and women give memento.
Yuino items are depending on each regions, but items are composed of nine lucky things. 
They are recognized socially by doing this ceremony, and it has been performed since old times because it has the meaning of the celebration that became a family.
However, in recently, they have meals at the restaurant without Yuino and they meet each other with family and just exchange the rings. 

Having long time for preparation

In Japan, couples can choose the style of their ceremonies without regard to religion.
But every couples have thinking that the wedding ceremony is an non-everyday event. 
Therefore, they begin preparations for wedding from one year ago and women go to the beauty salon for one-time-only wedding which is precious event.

  • To make a preliminary inspection of the ceremonial hall and make an estimate, and then make a reservation.
  • To look for clothes
  • To decide guests
  • To make invitation cards
  • To decide dishes, music and images(or video)
  • To decide programs and ask someone to do entertainment at the party
  • To decide master of ceremonies
  • To decide gifts

… Couples go through such schedules at least.
Japanese wedding ceremony that the amount of time and labor are required is actually hard, but every ceremonial halls are beautiful like art works, and the ceremony is carried out in a perfect timing. Therefore, this day will become a special day for couples and guests. 

Goshugi(gift money)

In Japan, when you participate in the wedding ceremony, you have to give “Goshugi”(gift money) . Goshugi means the participation fees of wedding ceremony.
That’s why guests have to pay for their hospitality that can receive, and you need to wrap money in an exclusive bag and hand it.
You can decide money by yourselves, but if you are not their relatives, almost people will put about 30, 000 yen (about 275.74 US dollars) in the bag.
But if you are their relatives, you have to decide money by the depth of the acquaintance. some of them will put about 50, 000 yen to 100, 000 yen (about 459.57 ~ 919.14US dollars).
It’s depending on each regions and the ages, but there are bad price. 
The even numbers are recognized as bad numbers because even number are divisible, it has a image of parting of the couple.
Number 4 is written as “し” and this pronunciation is “Si” in Japanese, the pronunciation is the same as “死” that it means death, it brings up the image of bad words(Unlucky words).
Number 9 has also bad image in the same reason and this pronunciation is “ku” in Japanese, it means suffer terribly. As a matter of courtesy, it’s general manners in Japan and it is common sense to put new bills in bag.

Change their clothes many times

Recently, the terms “地味婚(Jimikon)” also appeared (it means unspectacular wedding.) and some of couples hope to do the simple wedding ceremony with only both families. On the other hand, some of couples hope to do big and gorgeous wedding ceremony and there is a case changing dresses many times : women of these couples wear Japanese dress(kimono), wedding dress, furthermore colored dress. 
Especially, the women who attends a wedding ceremony are looking forward to seeing dresses of bride. The bride’s change of dress have the meaning that hope all guests can enjoy at own wedding ceremony.

A lot of surprise events!!

In past days, couples asked someone to liven up that wedding with entertainments. However, recently, there are a lot of ingenuities that everybody can enjoy at wedding ceremony, for example, their friends do the entertainments for couple and couple do the entertainments for guests. Well, I show you a few interesting entertainments!
【Without instrumental accompaniment Only voice】 

【Lupin The Third Flash mob】