Unique “Furoshiki” in popularity : The fashion item which represents Japanese culture!

Unique “Furoshiki” in popularity : The fashion item which represents Japanese culture!

Do you know Japanese “Furoshiki”?
Furoshiki which is a cloth of square shape, is a wrapping cloth for carrying the stuff.
Recently, it is used in various situations such as wrappings, bags, interior goods, or fashion items.
This time, I will introduce interesting furoshiki with unique designs among such furoshiki! 

Furoshiki that expressed Japanese traditional cultures with pop


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Now, Furoshiki that expressed Japanese traditional cultures with pop are getting popular among Japanese women.
It’s comical designs and there are many kinds!
For example…

Kabuki actors


As for this furoshiki, “Kabuki actor” of Japanese traditional cultures was designed.
If you wrap the half-finished wine or juice like this, there’s nothing to worry about drops of water. The design is also cool! 



There are also Kokeshi motif.
“Kokeshi” are Japanese traditional crafts, are dolls which look like girls. 
Their humorous faces attract people! 
By the way, the furoshiki that Kabuki actor was designed is the same furoshiki that I introduced above.
It’s interesting that an atmosphere changes by contents!



This furoshiki that Maneki-neko was designed.
“Maneki-neko” is the symbol of a good luck and a talisman against evil. 
It is said that a cat that raise right paw brings good luck and a cat that raise left paw attracts customers. 
The round shape is cute, isn’t it? 

Maneki-neko NO.2


There are many kinds of Maneki-neko designs!

Sloth and Monkey


These furoshiki are used simple colors, but Sloth and Monkey were printed!
Their faces are so good! 



It’s a design of Shishimai! We Japanese can see Shishimai at propitious date like the New Year’s of Japan. 
“Shishimai” is known familiarly as a lucky charm that celebrate the world, it wear a big lion mask and dance powerfully. It has attracted Japanese people since ancient times.



When you tie a furoshiki of Shishimai in different way, the furoshiki will become Japanese specter, “Oni”!!



Furthermore, these furoshiki that I introduced are able to enjoy 2 designs per one cloth. 
The furoshiki that Shishimai was printed has also a design of Japanese thief.

Where to buy

How was these interesting furoshiki? These furoshiki that I introduced are all products of “風呂敷専門店 むす美”(Furoshiki-specialty stores, Musubi). 
Unfortunately, this shop doesn’t ship internationally, but you can see these items on website or YouTube. You should definitely see that!

風呂敷専門店 むす美 WEBsite