Great Reaction in the World! Golden ”Wagakki Band”

Great Reaction in the World! Golden ”Wagakki Band”

Do you know popular Japanese artist “Wagakki Band” that call causes a great reaction abroad? 
It is the band group of the new style that combines traditional Japanese musical instruments and rock. 
It is the band group of vocal and eight people who added a guitar, a base, a drum to four Japanese musical instruments. 
There are a lot of people who become a captive when I listen once. 
You should want to go to concert, too. 
Not only the music, even the video compelling cool is shocking. 
This time, we will introduce the charm of “Wagakki Band”. 

First Watch the video here!


This is “Senbonzakura” which made a big hit in the music that there is a number. 
A Japanese tradition is expressed more attractively by Lock. 
From the pretty face of vocalist gasp in singing powerful that not imagine. 
And it is cool figure dress in style broke the kimono. 

Shigin and Japanese instruments

Here, we will introduce “shigin”. 

  • Shigin

    “Shigin” is not intended sing put the poetry like a song to the rhythm and melody. 
    By adding a unique melody after reading the poetry, it is intended to express more effectively poetry. 

  • Shakuhachi

    It is kind of the Japanese woodwind instrument which I made with bamboo. 
    It is the musical instrument which is near to a flute. 
    It is used in the video which I placed by an introduction of “Shigin”. 

  • Koto

    I come from China in ancient times and am the stringed instrument which is used for a long time in Japan. 
    This instrument is the size of 182cm. 

  • Syamisen

    It is a Japanese traditional stringed instrument. 
    Accompaniment shamisen was developed as a musical instrument, is a Western instrument change to the height combined tuning of the voice of the hand singing has a one side different. 

  • Wadaiko

    It is a Japanese traditional percussion instrument. 
    I appear by a festival frequently in Japan. 


“Wagakki Band” Member introductions



There are a lot of good songs on the other.


  • “Akatsukinoito”


  • “Ikusa”


  • “Tengaku”