Japan’s Hot Spring Specialty “Onsen manju” is Amazing!

Japan’s Hot Spring Specialty “Onsen manju” is Amazing!

Many hot springs are in Japan.  
Japanese steam bun stuffed with red bean past called “Manju” of the land in the hot spring resort is sold.
Because it is sold in a hot spring, I call it “Onsen manju”. 
I tell you this time about specialty of Japanese hot spring “Onsen manju”. 

What’s Onsen manju?

Onsen-manju reffers to a manju sold in towns and resorts of hot springs. 
I originally called manju that it was sultry with the steam of the hot spring with hot spring water to cloth and made with Onsen manju. 
However, the hot spring water of the ingredient which delicious manju can make calls manju which production sells in a hot spring resort now with Onsen manju because there is few it. 
It is slightly quieter than a Japanese sweet, but it is wide as simple sweets and is loved to pick it up at a reasonable price.  

What kind of Onsen manju?

As for the Onsen Manju, white and brown are basic. It is said that the color of the hot spring imitated this color. 
Various kinds of manju is made recently by the hot spring resort including the black steamed bun which I made with black sesame.  

Sweets that indispensable before entering the hot spring

There are Japanese green tea and services such as Onsen manju when I stay in many Japanese inns. 
In addition, there is a reason so that an inn gives sweets and Japanese green tea free. 
It is because it is just right for energy supply before the bathing.  
Indigestion may be caused when I eat before bathing.
However, it is said that Onsen manju is just right for energy supply before bathing becoming high in energy expenditure.
Therefore it is suitable sweets to serve it at the service of the inn. 
In addition, as for the green tea, it is drunk water before the bathing, and blood is easy to become pure.  
I warm it in a body moderately by drinking hot tea, and a body can get ready to enter the hot spring.  
And it is said that vitamin C included in the green tea is good for prevention of the hot flash. 
I eat green tea and sweets, and both the heart and the body are healed by going to the hot spring after being relaxed. Onsen manju has the role not to let a body make disorder by a hot spring.