Introduce of Seven Lucky Gods of Japan!

Introduce of Seven Lucky Gods of Japan!

Gods named “Seven lucky gods” are existed in Japan. 
Seven gods are a deity bringing good luck, and were used as character of Japanese beer maker. these gods are very familiar god for Japanese people. 
This time, I’d like to introduce about “Seven lucky gods”! 


Daikokuten is the god of Food Supply, Wealth, and Commerce.  
He holds a mallet like a hammer. According to legend, he can take out various things including the treasure when he shakes the mallet. And he has a large sack on his back. 
He also wears big hood and there are 2 bales of rice at his feet. The hood has the meaning of warning: “Don’t look at the top any more!”. It means must not have ambition too much. 
2 bale of rice also has the meaning such as “mustn’t become greedy”. 


Ebisuten used to be the god of fishers, but now he is the god of Business. 
He holds a fishing rod, and carries a sea bream. 
His appearance is said to be god of the fishery. He does not catch many fishes by a net, does hook a fish little by little. His patient effort leads to the god of business and agriculture, so he became the god of business. 
Ebisuten has also another story. 
He was born between Japanese gods, is descended from god. 
But, he was thrown away by ship because he doesn’t walk even if he was 3 years old. 
Luckily, the ship drifted ashore and he was worshipped as god by people who lives in there. 


Bishamonten is the god of Amulet or charm against bad luck. 
it is said that it expels illness or accident from people. 
He is only Bushi style in the seven lucky gods, and he wears suit of armor and puts a crown. 
For that reason, he have received faith from leader of bushi from old times. 


Benzaiten is the god of Music, Entertainment, and Literature. She is only female among seven lucky gods.
She has Asian instrument called “Biwa” which is like a guitar. 
Her name is “弁才天”(Benzaiten) in Japanese, and ”才” is used to a word “才能”(Sainou. It means gift). For this reason, she is familiar as the god of Music, Entertainment, and Literature among Japanese people. 
And, “弁才天” is also written as “弁財天”. 
“財” is used to a word “財産”(Zaisan. It means property), so she became the god of Property. 


Jurojin is the god of Longevity. 
Jurojin is old man who has white hair and white beard. He holds a stick, and a picture scroll which is written the life span of all. He is also accompanied by deer.  


Fukurokuju is the god of Happiness, Wealth, and Longevity. 
He has the high forehead, and is accompanied by tortoise and crane. 
It is said that he is the same person as Jurojin, and he performs a double role in seven lucky gods. 


Hoteison is the god for good luck, for children, and for good match. He is only based on an actual person in seven lucky gods. 
He has big belly, and carries big bag, and was a person who always smiles and interacts with people. 
The bag is filled with many treasure or daily necessaries, and it is said that he gave that stuff to religious persons. 


In fact, it had the period that the number of God was three or five people, but it became 7 gods with age.  
Seven lucky gods came from China and India, and the god group come from different religions of 3 countries (India, China, and Japan). 
Perhaps, seven lucky gods might have a deep connection with God of your country.