Can it not be foreign countries?! I introduce consciousness and sense of values for the Japanese work, labor environment!

Can it not be foreign countries?! I introduce consciousness and sense of values for the Japanese work, labor environment!

Before a hit of Japan, be hardly surprised at a wonder; only as for the thing. 
It is in particular one of the labor circumstances of Japan being mysterious. 
Though it is not thought abroad, there is a lot of being mysterious that I am considered to be common sense in Japan! 
Therefore I want to tell you about consciousness and sense of values for such a Japanese work, labor environment this time! 

Tardy is strict prohibition!

a late‐comer
Since the idea of “punctual person = trusty person”, the Japanese it’s important to be punctual. 
It is never said that you must arrive 5-10 minutes before the appointed time, and delivery date of the work and other promises protect time and a time limit. 

Grooming and appearance

There is the good place depending on the situation of an occupation and the workplace, but, as for the no make up, it is rude when it is a woman basically. 
So you must go to make up neatly, and to work. 
It is the rule that you must follow among people working for service trade in particular and the company.

Overcrowded train

Many Japanese companies are concentrated in Tokyo. 
Therefore it becomes full with people using a train in commuter rush (almost from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00) and the time for return rush (almost from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00). 
An overflow becomes so, and a person gets in it from a vehicle. Therefore it is the scene which is not rare that a station employee pushes a person into a vehicle. 

Not of at wark

Even a heavy snow and a typhoon find transportation to be able to arrive at the workplace somehow and must go to your office. 
I go to my office early if I understand this thing beforehand. 
If means of transportation stop concerning weather, I wait until driving is reopened and leave for the workplace, but there is sometimes that many people gather at the station and stand for cold middle several hours and must wait. 
Of course there is the case directed to take a rest by the company inside, but this is a rare story. 
In addition, I am not going to be absent on the day because I think that I trouble a thought and the circumference, “it is natural to take the holiday on a day selected” as unless I am very ill-conditioned. 
In addition, it may be difficult for only one to take a rest when other people work even in the paid vacation that is a right by a mind mark and the situation. 

Warks hard

Because a Japanese is hard and works, there are many people who I well exceed eight hours in working hours decided by a law of the day, and damage its health and is.
As for the reason including work being handed in an absurd schedule by a person and the company thinking to have to keep the delivery date by all means as having told some time ago, various. 
I disturb a body and a heart from such situation, and there are a lot of cases to Karoshi, too. 

Pre-Karoshi of “SHACHIKU”

a domestic animal
In addition, there is that I work too much and lose sight of one’s intention and conscience, and it is with the slave (livestock) of the company a lot even if I do not reach Karoshi and expresses such situation with “Shachiku. 
Shachiku is implication same as “wage slave” of the English zone by the coined word that crossed a company and a livestock. 
I call a company letting you do overtime work without paying company, overtime work charges to let you do only quantity and unreasonableness of work disturbing mind and body with “black company” in Japan. 
Because various companies are in Japan, it cannot be necessarily said, but it is a fact that there are many workers breaking and the mind and body which really die in Karoshi.