I introduce a meaning put in “event meal” to eat on the day of Hinamatsuri!

I introduce a meaning put in “event meal” to eat on the day of Hinamatsuri!

I told you about “Hinamatsuri” of the traditional event of Japan before, but there is no Doll’s Festival by the end just to display a doll.
Food coloring the Hinamatsuri that various wishes were put exists a lot and is a day to eat these.   
Therefore I want to tell “Doll’s Festival” of March 3 about event foods to eat and a put meaning this time!


Hishimochi are diamond-shaped rice cakes. 
They are colored red (or pink), white, and green. 
The red is for chasing evil spirits away, the white is for purity, and the green is for health. 
In addition, green is “Daichi” white “snow” Pink of “peach”, is also said to have been put meaning,and there is the opinion which expressed the coming of spring that “grass sprouts on the earth which 
I dissolve snow, and did it, and peach blossom blooms”. 
A dango using grass eaten on “Joshinosekku (day to purify it on March 3)” in China was the origin, and the lozenge mochi kneaded the grass of the mugwort in Japan. 
Therefore the beginning was a mochi all in green. 
I increased the red rice cake which touched a color with a gardenia in a white rice cake with water chestnut said to be a long-lived fruit in the Edo Period, the Meiji Period, and it was to three colors of mochi like the present afterwards. 
It is said to an effect, a gardenia lowering blood pressure to a mugwort in increase in blood effect, water chestnut that there is effect of the detoxification, and there is effect that the hishimochi is healthy and is good. 
Because the hishimochi is a mochi, I can eat. How to eat includes a rule (because there is not taste, I need seasoning) and eats to curl up while taking the corner of the lozenge.
That can live in a circle without making an angle for this how to eat; have a meaning. 
In addition, it is said that the lozenge expresses “heart” in the times when there was not a heart mark, and parental affection to eat heart, and to pray for the health of the daughter except an accident is loaded with. 


In old March in Japan, I took enough the rest for hard labor to begin from now on and it was fun and offered seafood on the Hinamatusri because it was in a season of the objective “play with a whore” to play. 
If the shellfish in particular is not the shell that the clam makes a pair at seasonal time, a wish “to be bound together with a good marriage partner of the affinity, and to remain married with a man alone throughout the life” is just loaded with by not being correct. 
In addition, the bivalve is ingredients meaning a princess from old days, and the clam is representative food of the Hinamatusri. be bound together with a good marriage partner of the affinity, and to remain married with a man alone throughout the life” is just loaded with by not being correct.


Originally “Tokashu” which I soaked was swallowed up so that liquor boiled the petal of the peach. 
The peach expelled malarial air, and it was told as one of the medicinal liquor by China that I brought improvement of willpower and physical strength. 
It was got close, and “PAICHUU” which let I mixed glutinous rice and the U.S. malted rice which you steamed with sweet sake from the Edo era and mature for approximately one month colonized. 
Only an adult can drink “PAICHUU” with the liquor about 10% of alcohol frequency. 
Therefore another constant seller “is amazake”. 
Alcohol frequency 1% within thing (alias:) who I mix U.S. malted rice with rice that I include alcohol using the sake lees and lay you in twenty-four hours, and make it There are two kinds of Hitoyozake), and the child drinks Hitoyozake. 


It is one of the Japanese sweets which are representative at the Hinamatusri. 
It is a totally different-shaped sweets in the south side area from north side area and Tokyo from Tokyo, Japan. 
The north side seasoned the cake which I popped and made rice for with sugar indulgently. 
The south side is made of mochi and is larger at around 1cm in diameter than the south side.  
It is soy sauce and saltiness. What I crush Hishimochi and roasted is said to be an opening. 
Girls went out with a doll, and there were manners and customs called “Hinanokunimise” which showed spring scenery for the Hinamatsuri in old days. 
At this time, it is said to be an opening to have taken Hinaarare. 
Generally, it is colored as well as Hishimochi by pink, white, green, but I increase yellow and may do it gorgeously. 
Because there are many starches, the wish “that a daughter can spend happily throughout the year” is put because it is good for health. 


Chirashisushi is not related to direct Hinamatsuri, but becomes the classic menu at the current Hinamatsuri because gorgeous color causes spring on a dining table. 
The bean that “a prospect hears” “longevity”, the lotus root “works with health diligently”, and a lucky ingredient deserves to be a seat of the celebration, and the prawns attach activeness on a Hinamasuri day such as honewort, an egg, the carrot.