Valentine’s Day and White Day in Japan

Valentine’s Day and White Day in Japan

Valentine’s Day which takes place on February 14th.! 
In your country, women give presents or flowers to family and close friends, but Japanese Valentine’s Day is different from other countries. 
Let me introduce Japanese Valentine’s Day! 

How about Valentine’s Day in Japan?

Japanese Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity for women to convey own feelings to men! 
Women give sweet chocolate or homemade sweets together with own feelings even if women can’t convey to men face to face. 
That chocolate which gives to men is called”Honmei-choco”. 
“Honmei” has the meaning: first choice, what they hope for the most. So, on Valentine’s Day, “Honmei” means a beloved person! 

What’s “Giri-choco”?

But, Chocolate for guy friends, bosses or co-workers are called”giri-choco”. 
“Giri” means obligation, which there is no romantic association. So that means that women have no choice but to give the chocolate.

What’s “Tomo-choco”?

Chocolate for friends and women are called”Tomo-choco”. 
It’s kind of “Giri-choco” because it has no romantic feelings. In background, it has the meaning that give a chocolate to each other. 
Mainly students and young girls make homemade chocolate for friends. 
Therefore, You can see a lot of women who will go to buy various ingredients needed to chocolates and wrapping around Valentine’s Day in Japan. 

There are types of “○○-choco”

Chocolate for the person who helped one’s is called “Sewa-choco”, and Chocolate for family is called “Fami-choco”. 
Also Chocolate for the staff from boss is called “Buca-choco”. 
Furthermore, “Gyaku-choco” which men give a chocolate to women on Valentine’s Day. 
Even if it isn’t a chocolate, it is called “○○-choco”. 

How do men spend the Valentine’s Day?

Japanese men, especially young boys are excited on Valentine’s Day. 
“I wonder if I could get a chocolate?” Japanese men are nervous. 
It’s very honor for men if could get a chocolate on that day. 
Therefore, it’s very important day in Japan for women and men. 

“White Day” which takes place on March 14th.

And on March 14th, there is a day called “White Day” in Japan. 
On that day, men are supposed to give gifts to women who gave them a present on Valentine’s Day. 
It is also good opportunity to convey own feelings to women… Therefore, this day is the destined day for women if women had conveyed own feeling to men on Valentine’s Day.