Beautiful “Sugar Art” which has Japanese culture and tradition.

Beautiful “Sugar Art” which has Japanese culture and tradition.

Of course, Japan has beautiful and delicate food cultures, besides there are a lot of beautiful Japanese foods and “wagashi” like an artwork. 
Now it’s getting popular of “Sugar art” for decorations of the origin in U. K among Japanese women, and there are many beautiful works which are filled with Japanese culture and tradition. 
This time I will introduce about “Sugar Art” which has Japanese culture and tradition!

“Temari” motif


Sugar art cookies with colorful and cute design. 
It looks like “Temari” which is a Japanese traditional ball! it’s so cute.

Japanese Pattern・Flower


Artistic cookies with beautiful flowers and Japanese pattern. It looks like brooch.

Japanese Pattern・Chrysanthemum


Beautiful cookies which were drawn Japanese traditional pattern:  
geometric hemp-leaf pattern, pattern resembling that of arrow feathers, and chrysanthemum. 
This works are packed with Japanese culture and beauty!

Japanese Pattern


It’s same Japanese pattern, but there is cool design too! It doesn’t look sweets…

Japanese Pattern・Ume・Butterfly


These are the design that “Ume”, “Kanoko” and “Kasumi” were drawn! “Ume” is one of the Japanese typical flower, and “Kanoko” and “Kasumi” are traditional Japanese pattern. 
It looks ravishing by each different pattern, isn’t it?

“Kadomatu” and “Kagamimochi” motif


In Japan, It is assumed that god comes to our house in New Year. 
There are custom for New Year’s: “kadomatsu” is considered to house God, and “Kagami-mochi” are offerings to the god in the New Year. 
“kadomatsu”(left) and “Kagami-mochi”(right) are symbol of New Year’s event in Japan. That’s wonderful design!



This design is “Hagoita” motif. The traditional wooden racket called “Hagoita” and it was designated as a Traditional Crafts of Tokyo. 
A kabuki actor is drawn properly in detail. It’s so beautiful!

Mt. Fuji・Chrysanthemum・Cherry blossom etc…


Cookies with the most famous Mount Fuji and cherry blossoms. 
What a delicate design! Beautiful!

Japanese New Year series


These sugar art are the design which New Year’s event were drawn! Especially, “Manekineko” which means a fortune cat, and is decorated at houses and stores to invite good luck and more customers. “Tai” (sea bream) is believed to be a fish that brings good luck. 
This works are packed with Japanese New Year’s event. 

Kimono・Ume・Cherry Blossometc…


This heart-shaped cookie is the design which a cute kimono was drawn. 
The surrounding design are pretty, too! It’s full with Japanese Kawaii!



There is also fantastic cookie which is “Maiko” motif! 
“Maiko”, which means a female performer, perform traditional Japanese music and dances at exclusive parties in the areas centering on Gion of Kyoto. 
It doesn’t look like sweets because it’s too beautiful!



アイシングクッキーオーダー 七五三セット☆お着物はお子様のものと同じデザインでお作りして、他のクッキーはお着物に合わせた配色でお作りしました。 前回のウェディングプチギフトにつづき和風もかわいいなぁと思いました♡ #アイシングクッキー #アイシングクッキー教室 #アイシングクッキー教室_鹿児島 #アイシングクッキー販売 #鹿児島 #鹿児島市 #日置市 #薩摩川内市 #いちき串木野市 #宮崎 #プレゼント #アイシングクッキーオーダー #icingcookie #icingcookies #cakepops #royalicing #sugarart #cookies #ウェディング #プチギフト #ベビシャワー #出産祝い #babyshower #還暦 #和風アイシングクッキー #七五三 #着物 #和柄

atelier A☆AKI☆さん(@aki_rose0921)が投稿した写真 –

These theme is “SHICHI-GO-SAN”!
“Shichi-go-san”, which means seven, five and three, is a Japanese traditional event to celebrate healthy growth and wish longevity for three and seven-year-old daughters, and three and five-year-old sons.
On that day, girls dress up in “Haregi” which means kimono for this special day, and go to shrines or temples to pray for their healthy growth and longevity.



This sugar icing cookies is same kimono motif, but it looks like different atmosphere! 

“Kimono”・Paper fan・Ume・Temari


和柄の集合写真♪ 集めて撮るとかなり華やか。 ・ 今日からぐっと寒くなるみたい。 皆さん暖かくして おでかけください♪

sucrepui(しゅくれぷい)さん(@sucrepui_icingcookies)が投稿した写真 –

These design are filled with Japanese traditional cultures of “Kimono”, “Temari” and “Sence”. “Sence” means a paper fan in Japan, and it is used as just fan or a tool at entertainment. 
You feel Japanese “WA” atmosphere, don’t you? 

“Yuino” cupcake


This sugar art theme is “Yuino” which is Japanese custom. 
“Yuino” means traditional ceremony in Japan. As proof of engagement, both families gather, and exchange betrothal money and gifts.  
What a beautiful works ! 

Japanese pattern cake


Next is Japanese pattern wedding cake! It’s beautiful work like “Kimono”! 

“Shiromuku” cake


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Hideko Satoさん(が投稿した写真 –

There is also cake of “Shiromuku” motif which is Japanese traditional wedding costume. 
The golden crane looks beautiful on white. 

Sugar art with Japanese pattern


In last, I will show you very gorgeous sugar art.  
The presentation is beautiful and delicate, and it is a work full of all the Japanese charm. 
How was it? 
There are lots of beautiful and delicate works that those don’t look like handmade! 
Have you found your favorite one? 
I will let you know many Japanese charm and culture from now on! Come back anytime! 
See you soon.