Introduction to Japanese national sport, “Sumo”!

Introduction to Japanese national sport, “Sumo”!

Oosumo is the one of the national sport that inherit Japanese traditional culture! 
Sumo is good sport that you can feel Japanese culture. 
The origin of Sumo is the scuffle that has been familiar since ancient times as the training for boys and the ritual that enshrine God of the Shinto that is Japanese original religion, however, Sumo was developed as a competition and performance when people who do Sumo as job increase. 
After that, Sumo performance became popular in Edo, Osaka and Kyoto and the result that was gradually combined with modern Sumo is current Sumo. 
This time, I will introduce about Sumo that is Japanese national sport! 

What’s the rule of Sumo?

The person who play Sumo is called “Rikishi(it means a sumo wrestler)” and the Sumo game is called “Torikumi(it means a match)”.
There are three patterns for determining the winner and the loser. 
Rikishi loses the game when he comes out from the circle of dohyo, when he touches the dohyo with own body parts except for own soles, or when he commits a foul.
In extreme cases, when the hair touch the ground, it will become the defeat.
The game is judged by an umpire.
Sumo tournament is called “Basho(it means the place)” and a professional tournament is called “Honbasho”. 
It is held in Tokyo three times and is held in Osaka, Nagoya and Kyushu one time of each. It is held six times a year. 
The game lasts for 15 days, and they do one game a day and Rikishi who won most will become a winner of the tournament. 

How much time will the game take?

In some cases Sumo game can determine the winner quickly and it just only takes 2 or 3 minutes for closing the game even if the game will take long time. 
The longest game is just about 10 minutes. 
The soccer or baseball game have the extra time or the PK but Sumo has not an extension and the game time is short. Instead, the time except the game is really long. 

What do you mean by “the time except the game is long” ?

For starting the game, Sumo wrestlers look at each other on the dohyo and they raise their fighting feelings, and then they bump their bodies when both Rikishi could make the fighting feelings. 
There is not the starting signal such as athletics, soccer, boxing. 
Both rikishi stand a little apart on the round ground called “Dohyo”. 
And then, they look at each faces and lower their waists and they bend their knees until they can touch the starting line with their fists. 
This action is called “Shikiri” and it’s possible to repeat this action within the time limit. 
Of course, if it’s within the time, it’s no problem even if it starts when. 
This time is very important for Rikishi because they can make a tactical plan. 

About a time limit

A time limit is different depending on the rank of Rikishi. 
In the case of Makuuchi, they have 4 minutes. Juryo has 3 minutes, and Makushita and the others have 2 minutes. 
It’s not necessarily to match the pace with the opponent, so they may perform “Shikiri” regardless of opponents, but , it is not violation of rules. 
Furthermore, the time limit is measured by the timer who is the one of the umpire committee. 
If go beyond the time limits, the timer give a sign to the person called “Yobidashi”. 
Then, when Yobidashi received the sign, he tells Rikishi about the time aloud. 

How was it? 
Sumo’s charms are not only these things! 
I will continue to let you know about attractive Sumo! 
See you next time!