Enjoy Alone Time ”Ohitorisama”

Enjoy Alone Time ”Ohitorisama”

It was alone in the place where it was natural to go in two or more, and, as for going, it was not thought to an ex-Japanese even if able to go to a cafe and the movie theater alone. 
However, the people who I go to such a place alone daringly, and enjoy it increase recently. 
I call this “Ohitorisama boom” in Japan and become a kind of social phenomenon. 
This time, the factor of “Ohitorisama boom”and I will introduce the shop Ohitorisama only. 

The background that “Ohitorisama” increases.

If the person who feels one time if fun is lonely for 80%, the person feeling it is 20% degree. 
The image for one time changes than before in the positive direction. 
The backgrounds of such a tendency include the spread of SNS. 
I always have connections with others for 24 hours and, in the trend that it is demanded from that I am anxious in Japan, increase mainly on the generation when a person feeling “SNS tired” is young. 
As a result, the people who wanted to have the time when I became alone increased. 

To Karaoke Alone

The karaoke room (Commonly called Karaoke) selects music in a friend and favorite music in a private room and is the amusement which can enjoy a song. 
If there is a singing person with the karaoke like a photograph, it is common to swell together. 
However, I mind when I use it in plural people. 
I came to take the means to enjoy a karaoke without hesitation alone than I thought about music to sing with a turn and the atmosphere of the place to sing. 

To BBQ shop alone

The BBQ goes in two or more basically. 
I order favorite meat from the various kinds of inside and I bake it with a clay charcoal stove prepared for by each seat and eat. 
I enjoy chattering and liquor while eating. 
However, the consideration occurs there. 
Only oneself cannot eat meat to be in several people, and preference and the how to grill meat have a person each. 
In addition, I bake it, and there is the person who had an experience of not having been able to eat meat. 
I want to eat favorite meat at one’s pace as much as desired without minding a person! The people who went from thought alone increased. 

To Disney Land alone

There is the person going in amusement park of a world-famous dream, “Disney Land” alone. 
The enthusiastic Disney fan walks Disneyland at one’s pace slowly and carefully. 
And I seem to enjoy it mainly on a show and shopping. 

Alone Only shop

One karaoke shop “One kara” 
 With Ohitorisama boom, a shop of “Ohitorisama Only” opens one after another. 
Because “Ohiorisama” is a target, it is in a shop to put without minding it alone. 
Though even “one is fun, it does not want to seem that it is lacking person” from all around alone! “ 
It is “Ohitorisama Only shop” to solve such a trouble. 
It is “one karaoke specialty store one Kara” that become the topic in a shop for exclusive use of one. 
I overturn the image of the conventional karaoke and become the extreme popularity in an instant. 
I hold 10 stores around the downtown area. 

In the school cafeteria of “Alone seat”

In the school cafeteria of the university, sharing a table was basic on a big table. 
However, it becomes a topic, and, with “Ohitorisama boom”, it takes it in now at some universities to have established the seat for one called “Alone seat” at a certain university. 
“Alone seat” establishes the partition on a table, and the face of the person to meet is made not to see it. 
I seemed to consider psychology not to want to be seen in eating alone. 
Called one of learning the interchange between friends to the house of a student have a plan, but after all, as for modern Japanese youths, it is hard communication by the development of SNS and the network; will show a tendency.