Japanese Buddhism  Advancement SNS!

Japanese Buddhism Advancement SNS!

A modern Japanese has many people who do not have specific religion. However, Buddhism goes into the world of the Internet now and becomes Japanese closeness again.
Did you know?
Besides, Japanese Buddhism has I greatly distribute it, and 13 denominations exist characteristic each.
It’s accepted now across a denomination.
This time,I introduce a style of the popular Buddhist priest and Buddhism serving as an Internet advance in Japan! 

Internet temple: Higan temple

There is the corner that can ask you a question at blog and column series and Twitter of the Buddhist priest and is the WEB site that can contact with a figure to a Buddhist priest. 

It is said that the temple took education and the welfare, the role as the base of the culture as a place of the community where funerals and festivals and propagation and local people gather in the old days.
I help each other together and I encourage each other and live. There is the Buddhist priest whom I scold properly if I do a bad thing…It was such a place.
It did not come true so far to meet a Buddhist priest if it did not go to the temple to feel Buddhism close. 

Temple “Higan temple” on WEB adjusted the role of the temple to the passage of times and changed form flexibly and was born.
In addition, there is service called “Buddhism person database” which I can find “MY Buddhist priest” here.
This can search people going over to the writer who is active under the theme of Buddhist priest and Buddhism making this site of marked, many divergences including the scholar.
In addition, the custom page can watch a mutter of profile and activity of the Buddhist priest, column and Twitter.

The encounter with “MY Buddhist priest” and the person with the same sense of values matching oneself, abundant information concerning the Buddhism are provided sites of popularity here.

Question site:hasunoha

In website hasunoha, an active Buddhist priest serving temples of the whole country replies the trouble of general people free.
A little less than 100 Buddhist priests give advice for the advice of a question and the trouble that oneself wants to hear if they do a free sign-in.

In higher than question 14,000 cases given up so far, the answer rate is 99% and high probability! 

For example, what kind of; will guide me?

For the trouble charging for a social game…

Answer1:I stopped a social game.
I declare openly, a producer “does it even if the work of the creator wants to be able to advance to a player to a cuttlefish whether it is inflicted with such a stress that is not pushed forward”.
I was tired from that game.
A game not to lead to mental health cannot be a good game.
Even if I am good and do not go even if a really good game is very regrettable, slightly refreshing wind blows.
It is refreshing, and the game that it is fun, and is not stopped is a good game.
Let’s look for such a game.
When you threw away worldly desires (function of heart to disturb mind and body in one of the doctrines of the Buddhism, and to trouble it, and to disturb wisdom), do you come out of the item which I want?
I was innocent, and I continued it, but the item which I wanted did not appear.

Answer2:The person who I beat 100 times of wall 99 times which I swat it, and falls down, and gives it up is an ordinary man.
A person to exceed one’s limit is a genuine winner. Do not give it up!

The answer is three persons three, but a convincible answer is placed in the reader to advise it seriously without Buddhist priests on the basis of teaching of the Buddhism being particular about a box such as the religion. 
In addition, it is “Like!”button of Facebook! In substitution, a button called “Arigatashi” is installed by the words of the meaning to be rare.

The game application that the full story of the Buddha statue and a Buddha statue experience and ascetic practices experience of the Buddhism are possible becomes the topic recently.
In this way, it became just imminent among Japanese young people.