Introduce Toraditional craft “Satsumakiriko” of Kagoshima!

Introduce Toraditional craft “Satsumakiriko” of Kagoshima!

There is the tableware which I made one of the Japanese traditional crafts, a beautiful glasswork called “Satsumakiriko(Satsuma cut glass)” . 
It was produced in “Satsuma” of current Kagoshima from the late Tokugawa period to early period of Meiji, but a tradition has been cut off in war once. 
However, it is produced as a recreation again in 1985, and it is loved as a special product of Kagoshima now by many people. 
The charm of “Satsumakiriko” is beautiful smooth gradation and various cuts. 
I show many expressions by an angle of the light, and the evaluation becomes the traditional industrial art object of Kagoshima highly worldwide, too. 
This time,I introduce beautiful tableware of “Satsumakiriko”! 

Various “Satsumakiriko”


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@luna_stileが投稿した写真 –

↑ The constant seller of the Satsumakiriko is a glass. 
A bold cut is cool! 

↑ Delicate gradation is a very beautiful pair glass. 
The liquor to drink with the glass which is so wonderful is specially,isn’t it? 

じゃ~ん #薩摩切子 #鹿児島 #kagoshima

Minori Yokoさん(@minominori3232)が投稿した写真 –

↑ It is wonderful to collect! 
There are a lot of kinds of the color. 

↑ This is a vase. 
It is totally the beauty such as the jewel! 

↑ This is a decanter. 
The difference between cover and color of the body is stylish. 

↑ The accessories of the Satsumakiriko are sold, too. 

↑ This is a perce. 
I reflect in light, and there is presence although being small. 

↑ This is set a decanter and the glass! 
It is overwhelming presence. 

香水瓶 #薩摩切子 これも薩摩切子なのです! 綺麗〜!🎶

K a n aさん(@kana_tajiri)が投稿した写真 –

↑ This is a heart-shaped perfume pot. 
Very beautiful. 

↑ This is a teapot. 
The small part is given skillfully. 

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ありゅさん(@mayaruha.aryu)が投稿した写真 –

↑ This is a desk lamp. 
Fantastic space spreads out when I turn on a light. 

Until Satsumakiriko is born

This is an animation of the Satsumakiriko craftsman. 


Satsumakiriko experience in “Artisan of beauty Glass studio Deshimaru”


Satsumakiriko experience is made by advice of kiriko mentor in “Artisan of beauty Glass studio Deshimaru” in Kagoshima. 
Let’s make an only original accessory in the world! 
The state of the experience is placed in this news.→
Artisan of beauty Glass Studio Deshimaru