Introduce the ice cream of a long seller sold in a Japanese convenience store.

Introduce the ice cream of a long seller sold in a Japanese convenience store.

There is “ice cream corner” in the Japanese convenience store to be able to buy anytime for 24 hours by all means. 
When it is a store specializing in ice cream, I may hesitate with some high prices, but the ice cream of the convenience store is an amount of money to be able to buy with the allowance of the child. 
It is a popular secret that quality is high though it is cheap, and is very delicious. 
Not to mention summer, the cold people who I warm a room even in winter, and enjoy ice cream increase. 
The ice of the convenience store is extreme popularity from a child to an adult through one year! 
This time,I am particularly popular and introduce the product which continues being loved for a long time in ice cream sold in a Japanese convenience store! 

Yukimi daifuku


“Yukimi daifuku” to be released now 35 years ago, and to be proud of popularity to in basic goods uses Gyuhi (Cake that steams mixed improving rice flour, adds sugar and millet jelly), and ice cream enters Gyuhi. 
It can be in the hot coffee and takes a flavor source, and the arrangement recipe is introduced. 
However, this ice cream is winter season limitation concerning “Yukimi(snow-see viewing)”. 
Unfortunately I disappear in summer. 

Ice no mi


“Ice no mi” is sherbet ice of the mouthful size. 
I eat the fruit which let you totally freeze and am juicy, and the feel that is mysterious when the outside melts smoothly when I put it in a mouth though I am obstinate is a secret of popularity. 
In addition, it is a topic in Twitter if it is delicious I put a fruit of the ice in soda, and to eat. 
Please try it! 

Suika bar


“Suika bar” is ice cream of the limitation in summer with the watermelon of the Japanese summer feature as a motif. 
It is a popular item reproducing a real watermelon in skin of to make with ice cream kind and melon taste to make with chocolate.
The taste is very delicious, but becomes the strawberry taste not watermelon taste.



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“Papico” is in the tube-shaped container which was designed to be easy to eat. 
The taste has a kind, but the standard is chocolate coffee taste. 
Because two of them are in one bag, it is a popular secret that two people can eat peacefully. 
A sense of closeness is heated in brothers and friend, eating in two people with a favorite person. 

Ice box


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It is this to be recommended in the one that the ice cream is sweet and does not like. 
Because it crashes in ice of refreshing taste, I am refreshed very much. 
In addition, I can enjoy it as a cold drink if I pour water into the cup. 
It is a refreshing feeling that I can crunch it in a mouth scratchily! 



As for edible “Pino”, there is great support from a particularly young woman at mouthful size easily. 
A heart type and a star type called “Happy Pino” called “Wish Pino” may rarely enter. 
If there are heart and a star, I seem to be able to feel happy! 
It is a popular secret that adopt such jinx. 

Choco monaka jumbo


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“Choco monaka jumbo” is the long seller product which rich vanilla ice and chocolate bar were in in bean-jam-filled wafers. 
In addition, I can eat without polluting a hand because ice is wrapped in bean-jam-filled wafers. 
There seems to be much one to purchase in edible simplicity while walking. 



“PARM” is ice in pursuit of the fluency that there was not in the low-priced ice so far. 
Coated chocolate blends with ice smoothly and calls a sign of life that is a great mark “too delicious”. 
The history was still in comparison with the ice which the above introduced superficial and just reached the tenth anniversary last year.