The art of food is fun just looking!  Introduce the beautiful premium Japanese sweets, “Nerikiri”

The art of food is fun just looking! Introduce the beautiful premium Japanese sweets, “Nerikiri”

The Japanese sweet is made with a Japanese traditional manufacturing process. 
The Japanese sweet has many kinds, but there is “Nerikiri” as the premium Japanese sweet that a color is above all beautiful. 
I add a hue to “An (sweet bean paste)” which Nerikiri coordinates it and worked out and model a seasonal plant and pastime that gives poetic charm and am the sweets such as the work of art which I put delicate work for. 
However, I cannot purchase “Nerikiri” easily at a supermarket and a convenience store. It is sold in a department store and Japanese sweet shop. 
Even we Japanese eats frequently and is not a cake. 
It is often served at a present and a wedding and the tea ceremony as a sweets to use, and there may be the person who has never eaten after I am born. 
When you visited Japan, please purchase it. 
This time,The art of food is fun just looking. I introduce the beautiful premium Japanese sweets, “Nerikiri”. 

Beautiful premium Japanese sweets “Nerikiri” 


その③ ❁ 時を重ねて・春❁ ・ ・ 最後にもう一枚、失礼します。 ・ 特注品でもリクエスト頂くこの菓子たち。 催事ですので楽しんで頂きたく、沢山の配色を用意し、トッピングでアレンジさせてみました。 ・ こうやって見ると、ほぼ同じデザインはないかなと思います(ت)♪ ・ 私が2個入りで詰めてます。 目に止まった方にどれか気に入ったものが、見つかりますように…。 ・ ・ 今週末は、催事場に引きこもります 笑。 ・ ・ 皆さま、どうぞ良い週末をお過ごし下さいませ◟̆◞̆୨୧˖ ・ 長々と失礼しました🙏 ・ #和菓子 #桜 #てふてふ #時 #japanesesweets #japaneseconfectionery

Shingetu_Norikoさん(@norinriko)が投稿した写真 –

↑ It is “high-grade Japanese fresh sweets” of the pastel color which imaged spring in Japan. 
It is high-quality in a pretty cherry tree and butterfly and silver foil studded with. 

#和菓子 #出世鯉 #期間限定

Mamiさん(@mamiyabuki)が投稿した写真 –

↑ This is high-grade Japanese fresh sweets which modelled a carp. 
Delicate cut and gradation are beautiful. 

↑ It is “high-grade Japanese fresh sweets” which is congenial to powdered green tea. 
Light green and a pink color seem to be Japan very much. 

【風光るKaze-Hikaru〜ビオラの練り切りNerikiri】 陽差しの中で春の風に吹かれ ひらひら咲き続けるビオラ。その姿からは想像出来ないほど強靭な生命力を持っている。 どんなに冷たい風に吹かれても、時には雪に晒されても決して負けない。一瞬一瞬を懸命に生き 苦難を乗り越えたからこそ より一層輝いて見えるのかもしれない。 毎春そんな勇気をくれる花をイメージした和菓子を作ってみました。中餡はほんのりレモン風味です。 頑張っているみんなにどうか勇気が届きます様に。 The viola endure cold winter wind and snow, and makes beautiful flowers bloom. It may seem that the viola shine in a spring breeze because they endure hardship. The viola gives courage to me every spring. So I made a Japanese sweet reflecting the image of the scenery that a viola bloomed with lemon flavore. #和菓子 #練り切り #ビオラ #レモン #日本茶 #紅茶 #中国茶 #コーヒー #シャンパン #ワイン #ウイスキー #日本酒 #フードスタイリング #Wagashi #Nerikiri #Viola #lemon #Greentea #Tea #Chinesetea #coffee #Chanpagne #Wine #Whiskey #Sake #Foodstyling

Midori Morohoshiさん(@midorimorohoshi)が投稿した写真 –

↑ It is “high-grade Japanese fresh sweets” studded with genuine flowers. 
I want to display it in the room and am beautiful! 

↑ It is “high-grade Japanese fresh sweets” which modelled a tulip. 
Even if is located as if a flower blooms to the dish, and take it; Arty stick! 

Seemingly it is all a sweets though I look like a feast! ! 

How to make the “Nerikiri”

A movie introduces how to make Nerikiri. 
I am overwhelmed in splendid craftsmanship! 




Nerikiri store of Tokyo