The Art of the Letter!  “Shodo” Culture in Modern Japan

The Art of the Letter!  “Shodo” Culture in Modern Japan

China which “Shodo” is to write it, and is going to express the beauty of the letter is formative arts of the origin. 
I use a writing brush and the sumi mainly. And I make use of the characteristic and write a letter on paper. 
The letter began as practical use, but it was aesthetic, and a method to express was brought about with progress of the culture. 
Of the letter is set, and appreciate it from the viewpoint of one and manner of handwriting, light and shade of the sumi, beauty of the overall placement. 
The Shodo is carried out in many countries including China, but the form varies so that the languages of each country are different. 
The history of the calligraphy of Japan is old, but various styles are born with the times. 
This time,I introduce the calligraphy work of the art of a beautiful letter and various styles. 

Basic typeface

It is a basic style that “Shodo” writes three style of handwriting to introduce from now on to an example. 

↑ From the right, it is the block style, semi cursive style, cursive style! 
Block style 
It is “block style” to be the most popular in form of the calligraphy. 
It is the basic print of the kanji to separate a writing brush, and to write a plot . 
Semi cursive style 
The semi-cursive style is seen to write with no spaces between
However, it is not very difficult to read if I know the block style. 
Cursive style 
The Cursive style has abbreviation of the number of strokes to be able to write it fast. 
Because there is a rule every letter, you must learn form. 
Even a Japanese has a lot of people who cannot read and write.  

Original shodo

“Original calligraphy” breaks basic style of handwriting well and is a style to arrange by oneself. 
A sense is demanded other than a technique. 

↑It is the work which a sense is good and breaks a kanji called “舞” and wrote. 
The flower is attached, too and is very nice,isn’t it? 

書きまくったら 良いものがでてくる #書道

原口正治さん(@shoji_haraguchi)が投稿した写真 –

↑ It is the work which I can graze it daringly and wrote. 
There is interesthing,isn’t it? 

夢。 #作品作り#展覧会#筆#書道#習字#墨#筆

koukaさん(@ai123698745)が投稿した写真 –

↑ This breaks a letter daringly, too. 
A crooked character is cool. 
A meaning called dream is put in a kanji called “夢”. 

↑ As for this work, an expression method to mix a color with is done. 
The kanji called “桜” means flower Cherry Blossoms on behalf of Japan. 

↑ It is the interesting work which put the picture of the face in a kanji called “顔 (face)”. 
Such a novel work is good. 

↑ The work which I suggested on purpose. I feel profundity. 
The kanji called “碧” is the same as blue, and green is treated as the color that I carried with me in that. 

Shodo performance

In Japan, beating time with hands and a performance to do calligraphy while dancing call a topic to music over huge paper recently. 

↑ “Shodo performance” which adopted projection mapping is a force perfect score!

↑ This is the performance that took in a sum musical instrument. Cool!

Interior Shodo

New interior art that let modern design and the traditional beauty fuse of Japan, “interior Shodo” attract attention. 
It is fun and is comfortable, and the work which just harmonized with the modern space directs the important space of all of you. 





I do the heart of the person as a hobby wealthily, and “書道” has charms that can express the personality beauty more.
If I read this article, and there is a person with the interest, I recommend it by all means.
The new world that I have not looked at should open out so far!