Japan customs culture! Introduce the “Obon”!

Japan customs culture! Introduce the “Obon”!

In Japan, I call time with the summer “Obon”.
I introduce Japanese “Obon” this time! 

What is Obon?

Obon is a Japanese religious custom to pray for ancestors.
This is a Buddhist event occurring from the 13th to 16th of August.
I am considered to be the period when an ancestral ghost comes home once a year.
There is still the area performing the event of the tray on about July 15 in old days because it was performed on about July 15 of the old calendar.

What do you do?

I do a small open-air fire called “Fires to welcome the spirits of ancestors” so that ancestor can come to the house without question on July or about August 13.
The Fires to welcome the spirits of ancestors is a starting point and the entrance of the house and may perform it, or there is the area to perform in a grave. There are various forms. 
In addition, I make a shelf to display Buddhist altar fittings and food called “altar”, a plant when I receive ancestors.
These manners and customs fade, but see the house which I display at the door when “Shoryouma” and “Shoryoushi” of the decoration are the time of the Bon Festival recently.
So, speaking of the Bon Festival, there are many people reflecting the image of Shoryouma in present Japan.

What are “Shoryouma” and “Shoryoushi”?

It is a horse and a cow that it pricks eggplant and the cucumber with chopsticks and makes.
Eggplant and the cucumber are summer vegetables.
The cucumber expresses a clipper, and a meaning to be able to return to a house is put early from the next world.
The eggplant expresses the cow that it is slow to walk, and it is said that the meaning that is going to delay that ancestors return from the world even a little is loaded with.

I make it on the morning of 13th and I put it and display it.

It is the important event that a relationship can lead to.


Generally, I do the period of the Bon Festival in the Japanese company with summer holidays.
Therefore I hold cleaning and the prayer of the grave at this time when families gather and spend it with the ancestors who came back to the world.

When it is 15th, I perform “farewelling spirits bonfire” and send a dead person.

I recognize that oneself exist because there are ancestors some other time, and, as the opportunity when the relationship of a relative and the friend can be connected by the deceased at the opportunity representing the feeling of thanks, the Bon Festival is the event that is important from old days.

Recent The bon festival circumstances of Japan


There are the manners and customs that a grandpa grandma and a relative hand pocket money called “Otoshidama” to a child for New Year holidays in Japan.
The New Year’s present can be in the exclusive bag called the Pochi bag (Otoshidama bag) and is handed.

Culture to call pocket money to hand to a child going home during the period of the bon festival “Obondama” is new and seems to increase it in recent Japan.