Do you know it how many? ”Japanese Superstition and Legend”

Do you know it how many? ”Japanese Superstition and Legend”

There is the superstition that many people believe the Japanese from old days so that there is a superstition to be able to find happiness in your country.
I tell you about a superstition of Japan this time.

It is a sign of good luck to have a tea stalk floating erect in your tea

I call the stem of the tea-leaf “Chabashira” in Japan.
Because it is rarely generated, it is said to a tea stem standing in a bowl when I pour Japanese green tea that it is lucky.
It is the event that is lucky so as to be said to be probability of 1/100 that a tea stem stands as a result that a tea stem did an experiment to be made with Japanese green tea!

I wind up salt at the time of funeral

For example, I wrap the sumo ring with salt when a sumo wrestler enters the sumo ring.
In addition, purifying salt (salt is piled on the tops of the plate) is put in right and left of the entrance of a restaurant and the house and sprinkles salt on a body for the return of the funeral. 
However, not, cleansing it with the salt having to do it by all means, there seem to be many people who still perform it as a manner. 

on’t cut your nails at night

Don’t cut your nails at night
It is said that I cannot be present at the parent when I cut a nail in Japan at night or I die young. 
Because the reason has various opinions, but I cut a hand carelessly, and it is more likely to result in death to be generally said to be when it is the worst. 
In life without electricity, the night light had only the fire such as candles in old days. 
What cut a nail with such a tool in a gloomy place because the nail clippers cut a nail by scissors or a knife in the few times may cut a hand carelessly. 
Because it is dangerous to cut a nail in such a darkness, a superstition not to have to cut a nail at night is inherited in Japan. 

Fortune Cat

Hide your thumb in front of the hearse and funeral procession. 
The fortunecat is got close to as an ornament with the divine favor for a Japanese with the ornament of the cat from old days. 
The cat raising the right hand (forepaw) causes luck with money, and it is said that the cat raising the left hand (forepaw) invites a person (visitor).  
It is the ornament which is indispensable for people doing business from old days. 

As for the spider of the morning, fortune comes. As for the night spider, a burglar comes

It is happy all day long when I see a spider in morning on that day! Conversely, it is unlucky if I see it at night! There is superstition. 
As for this, the spider appearing in morning brings fortune, and this is because the spider appearing at night was believed with the harbinger that a messenger and a thief of the hell come to. 
There are many people not to know now, but is a superstition said from old days. 

I cover the thumb in front of a hearse and the funeral procession.

Because the corpse which became just dead had not yet died from old days, the soul of the corpse was able to be said to enter from a thumbnail. 
Because I was said as the finger that the thumb in particular is easy to be aimed at by a wicked thing, the jinx to cover the thumb in front of a hearse and the funeral procession is inherited. 
Because a thumb suggests a parent, there is the jinx that a parent dies young when I do not cover the thumb when I go along in front of hearse and grave. 

Disguise of Fox

In Japan, the superstition to change itself into a beautiful woman during night has the fox. 
The fox which changed itself into a beautiful woman confuses it and lures it…A lot of superstitions of the contents that spiriting away, the person that a fox bewitches a person disappear stay. 
The fox is regarded as an animal of cutty bewitching a person, but is believed as a messenger of God of Inari God.