How to drink Japanese Sake with relish!

How to drink Japanese Sake with relish!

“Japanese sake” is made by a particular manner, is a brewage which was made from rice, koji(rice malt), and water mainly. 
When keeping Japanese sake in your mouth, you will be able to feel many-layered tastes and deep aromas. 
Japanese sake is a popular sake: It is good for any dishes and is made as during-meal-drinks from olden days. 
Recently, it’s getting very popular on overseas, and the deep tastes are being recognized once again. 
Japanese sake is very unusual alcohol in the world and it is delicious even if it’s any temperature. 
The temperature to drink is wide and you can enjoy by various drinking patterns. 
So this time, I will introduce about recommended Japanese sake, and how to drink Japanese sake with relish! 

The very important to drink are “徳利”(tokkuri) and “猪口”(choku)

There are various kinds of cups to drink a Japanese sake, but the common sake sets are “tokkuri” and “choku”. 
“tokkuri”(tokuri) is a kind of bottles, is a thin-necked bottle rounded at the bottom, is mainly used to pour Japanese sake now. 
By moving a bottled Japanese sake to “tokkuri”(tokuri), it’s available for cooling or heating. 
Furthermore, it has the sound of “toku-toku”, when pouring sake. Its sound express the taste more deliciously. 
“choku”(choko) is a small cup to drink sake, is sold together with “tokkuri”. 
Now there are many designs like chic, cute, and stylish. 
How about trying to drink with your favorite cup which is suitable for your taste and feeling at the moment ? 

Various way to drink Japanese sake

冷酒(Reisyu: Cold sake) 
Japanese sake cool down until 5℃ ~ 10℃. It is the most standard way to drink. 
It’s hard to rise the aroma, but has a pleasant clean finish. 
You just only need to cool bottle of sake, so it’s very easy! 
Recently, there is also a freezer for cold sake like wine cooler that you can drink cold sake any time. 
燗酒(Kanzake: Warmed sake) 
“Kanzake” is warmed in 30°C ~ 55°C, but you can enjoy different tastes depending on temperatures. 
First, pours hot water into a pot, and warm up “tokkuri”. 
By touching the bottom of “tokkuri”, check the temperatures of Sake. 
It has slight aroma, sweetness, and supple texture. 
It spreads aroma and has clear and refreshing flavor. 
It changes sharp and dry, and has clear flavor. 
Everybody has their favorite drink, tastes and temperatures. 
So, Let’s try and find your favorite temperature! 
“On the rocks” 
Puts a large ice into a rocks-glass and pours cold Japanese sake into that glass. 
Japanese sake is a low alcohol content, so it shouldn’t be thinned with water. The important thing is that pour quantity to be able to drink before ice melts too much. 
It become mixed with ice and Japanese sake little by little and increase sweetness. You will be able to taste different flavor. 

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“Mizore‐sake” is a frozen sake, and you can enjoy the presentation like winter scenery. 
Japanese sake will usually be frozen at -7°C ~ -10°C. But, by cooling it slowly without giving vibration, it keep the state of being liquid without freezing until -10°C ~ -15°C. 
When pouring sake into a glass on that state, it will be frozen in a blink of an eye and become “Mizore‐sake”. 
It feels chilly, melts gently, and spreads aroma and flavor. 

↑ It’s a little hard to make it in the home, but it is selling as pouch-type Japanese sake that you can enjoy easily frozen sake in your freezer. 

Japanese sake for beginners

I will introduce some Japanese sake which is easy to drink! 

↑ “Houou-biden” which goes well with many dishes, and is a mild beverage. 
It’s an aromatic, the taste is refreshing. 

↑ This Japanese sake have a pleasant clean finish. 
The aftertaste is good, and it has a clean and light feeling. 

↑ This Japanese sake has fruity flavor and sweet aromas. 
It has good reputations that it is easy to drink for women or the person who doesn’t like Japanese sake. 

↑ The refreshing sweetness and strong delicious taste are the features. 
It’s a Japanese sake, but it has a fragrant aroma like nuts. 

↑ It has deep fruity tastes such as Pear and Muscat. 
This is characterized by gorgeous aromas. 

Japanese sake bars

Recently, bar called “Japanese sake bar” is getting increased in Japan. 
“Japanese sake bar” is Japanese sake specialty store of bar. 
Japanese sake is basically during-meal-drinks, so an abundant foods menus are features. 
Please enjoy Japanese sake together with dishes. 
Introduction of “Japanese sake bar” is here→Tokyo”Sake bar” seven selections!!