Test for Shrine, Karaage or Chopsticks etc… Introduction of unique and interesting examinations of Japan!

Test for Shrine, Karaage or Chopsticks etc… Introduction of unique and interesting examinations of Japan!

There are more than 1000 qualification tests for in Japan. 
In those examinations, there are various examinations that has interesting theme or Japanese contents. 
So, this time I’m going to talk to you about some qualification tests that are held in Japan! 

Starry sky guide

It’s also called “star sommelier” and this test is to bring up the person who can teach a way of enjoying starry sky and space by much knowledge and experience about the stars. 
By getting the certification for guide, you can teach about it at school or Science Museum and do volunteer activities. 
To become a starry sky guide, you need to attend a course of space that will be held in astronomical observatories and science museums in various regions. 
When you take all course, you will be recognized as an associate guide. After that, you take a practical examination and you will be able to become a officially starry sky guide. 
Official registered trademark of Yamagata University. 

Pancierge examination

“Pancierge” means a concierge of bread. 
It is a relatively new examination that bring up the person who have much knowledge that can guide the world of deep bread, started in 2009. 
There are many questions for the knowledge of bread such as the manufacturing method, the instruments and the ingredients, so, you will be able to learn about the history or various breads. 

Greeting examination

“Greeting examination” that are held by Japan Aisatu Kentei Association. 
This examination is for “Greeting”, just like the name. It’s asked the knowledge about greetings and communication ability. 
There are the questions about the general greeting like “Ohayo gozaimasu (Good morning)”, the speech of ceremonial occasions and also the form of the greeting card. 
The level has from the 5th grade to the 1st grade. If you will become the 1st grade, the applied knowledge of greeting will be demanded, so, It will be very practical test. 

Karaage examination

It is also named “Karaagenist Examination”. 
It is held by Japan Karaage Association. To become a Karaagenist who is the specialist of Karaage, you need to take a written examination of about Karaage. 
When you passed this test and got a business card which is issued by association, you can work as a Karaagenist that was recognized by Japan Karaage Association. 
Anybody can take an examination regardless of age or sex if you love Karaage. It can utilize as a proof that are socially evaluated, and also you can show off the knowledge about Karaage. 

Rock examination

The official name is MTV Rock Examination. It’s a test that examine the knowledge of the general Rock covering all the history, music, poetry, the episode of the artists and the latest music scenes. 
You should try this examination if you love Rock music! 

Teinen-ryoku examination

The test that examine the basic knowledge necessary for the old age to live a fulfilling second life. 
In modern Japan, the pension was reduced and the burden of the nursing care and medical care become heavy. The risk that the elderly person who were continuing a last-minute living without savings is driven into the situation just before the bankruptcy is the very high situation. 
To avoid such a situation and protect own life by one’s self, you will be able to get the minimum economical knowledge for living in Japan. 
It’s a realistic theme, but it’s the one of the popular test because it generally can take an examination at your home. 

Hashi examination

This examination is about chopsticks that are held by Japan Hashi Culture Association. 
It’s the one of the test for manners. It’s becoming popular among Japanese women because people can learn correct manners. 
It is asked the history, the manners and kinds of chopsticks, and also there are the practical examination. 
If you passed this examination, you will be able to work as a “Hashi sommelier”(also as a Hashi culture ambassador) to popularize the Hashi culture, and you may be able to become a teacher who was recognized by Japan Hashi Culture Association. 

Shrine examination

The official name is Shinto Culture Examination. 
You can try the knowledge of the Shinto such as Japanese myths, Japanese traditional events, the worship method. 
It is supervised by Jinja-Honcho (the Association of Shinto Shrines) and is held by Japanese culture prosperity foundation of general incorporation foundation. 
If you passed this examination, you can get “Ema (a horse-shaped certificate)” (it’s a printed wood board which is dedicated to a temple or a shrine when making a wish, or when showing gratitude for the granted wish.) and can participate in a special plans. 
Furthermore, this Ema that is made with Hinoki of Ise-jingu shrine is very precious thing.