You may be able to find bargains! Recommended Japanese sightseeing spot “Flea market”!

You may be able to find bargains! Recommended Japanese sightseeing spot “Flea market”!

Speaking of “Flea market”, many people may imagine Paris. However, a large flea market is being held in the city of various parts of Japan. 
In the flea market that can find goods that has originality or Japanese vintage items which is very rare in the common shops, the workshops or the live broadcasts are also held. Furthermore, there is the flea market of event style like festival and you can enjoy eating foods! It’s my recommendation as sightseeing spot!
This time, I will introduce such Japanese flea market!

You can meet various goods!


There are many chance to find Japanese old goods in the flea market of Japan. So, you can find bargains or rare goods! 
Like these Japanese traditional craft works or antiques…

古道具【蔵フィティ】 #古道具 #レトロ #青山weeklyantiquemarket #青山ウィークリーアンティークマーケット #骨董市 #蚤の市

青山 WEEKLY ANTIQUE MARKETさん(@aoyama_weekly_antique_market)が投稿した写真 –

You also can find Japanese amazing old furnitures! The scenery such as Akihabara is very appealing, but you will be able to have a precious experience only here!

There are must-see items if you are a Japanese culture enthusiast! For example, this is 100 full-scale reproductions of the Ukiyoe of Hiroshige Utagawa that is also very popular in overseas. Very cool!
By the way, this item seemed to have 93 pieces of Edo Hyakkei series that have many fans! 
It actually was 900 yen with three pieces, but she seemed to be able to buy more than 100 pieces for 3000 yen.
It’s a good deal than 100 yen shops! 

花園神社で骨董市やってた🍵 #花園神社#骨董市#着物#kimono#japanesestyle

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In some cases, you will be able to meet second-hand Kimono! 

Maybe you can find rare goods such as old items or nostalgic items. (Nostalgic items are called “Sho-wa Retoro” and are being loved by aficionado!)
Many rare goods gather in flea market!
And so, I will introduce antique markets that will be held in Tokyo! 

Tokyo:”Oedo Antique Market”


“Oedo Antique Market” is the largest antique market in Japan. 
It is held between Yurakucho of Tokyo and Keyaki street of Yoyogi Park. 
Various stores such as old general goods, clothes or dishes are opened. 
Then there is the fun of actually going and seeing what happens!
-Entry is for free 
-Closed in case of rain
【WEB site】
Oedo Antique Market English page 

Tokyo:”Antique Market”


This antique market is held in Tomioka Hachiman-gu Shrine of Koto Ward. 
It will be held in Tomioka Hachiman shrine grounds on the first Sunday, the send Sunday, the fourth Sunday and the fifth Sunday of each months, except January. It opens at 6:00 and closes at 17:00.
They have a lot of things like books, toys and Japanese company goods, so you may find rare items!
Recently, the genre of the postcards or the document of the papers are also becoming popular.
“Open-air Market” that have a lot of items such as antiques, home accessories and knick-knacks will be held in the early morning to sunset of the 15th and 28th of every month.
-Entry is for free 
-It will be held even if it rains 
【Official site】 
Open-air Market  
Antique Market 



How was it? The flea markets are held in many places such as shrines or alleys, and various items are sold! It is attractive what kind of items can meet, isn’t it?
If you are lucky, you may meet very rare goods or performers!! 
Why don’t you go to flea markets or antique markets if you come to Japan ? 
You’ll be definitely able to have great time to find favorite items!