“GANGURO GAL” at ganguro cafe

“GANGURO GAL” at ganguro cafe

We haven’t seen suntanned girls “Ganguro Gal” recently. But do you know ganguro gal unit called “Black Diamond” ? 
It seems that 99% ganguro girls who survived are belonging. 
I went to “GANGURO CAFE” which is produced by “Black Diamond”. This cafe is becoming hot topics in the TV and net. “Ganguro Gal” are working as staff here. 
Swim against the current, why do they keep doing “Ganguro style” and “Ganguro fashion”? I have listened to hear these reasons. 

The beginning was… We had no confidence in themselves.

The unexpected beginning of Gal story. 
I listened to the story from two girls. 
Left-to-right, ぁゆゆん is 25 years old, and from Oita prefecture. ぇりもっこり is 22 years old, and from Tochigi prefecture. 
A lot of “ganguro gals” had no confidence in themselves before. 
The meaning of heavy makeup seem to hide their own face. 
But I feel that all of Gals loves genuinely “Neon”, “Skimpy style”, and “Animal print”. 
They like sunburned skin than fair skin, so they always get tanned. 
“It’s our favorite style, so we think it doesn’t matter that the other people say something, and we also don’t care the times.” They have such a strong passion. 
Although, some people turned to us and utter harsh words on the street. 
Gals were hurt by what the other people said, of course. but now, “we don’t care because we have confidence by this fashion.” she’s laughing and said. 
Recently, kids said “you looks Yokai!”. but gals can say with smile as “You also like Yokai Watch, right?”. 

Can’t compromise in life, “My fashion”

Don’t you think that all “GANGURO Gal” are same fashion? 
They are particular about “different from others”. 
They said “When my nails or hair styles were same to the other person, I’m depressed.”. 
The important things are to do own fashion, for them. They don’t regret making an effort for that: they look for nails parts in various stores by themselves, and bring it to nail salon.  
-“Nails Art”, draw nail designs by myself sometimes. 
When ぁゆゆん lived in Fukuoka, she drew a design by yourself and had discussed with nail staffs since some days ago. She seems that did it about once a month. 
This is ぁゆゆん’s nails. 
She seems to want to change to other nail art. 
This is ぇりもっこり’s nails. Black Diamond parts are also her own. 
-“Eye make” only for myself 
They are also particular about eye make, so their eyes are not just black! 
ぁゆゆん’s eye make. 
ぇりもっこり’s eye make. 
By comparison, I know it’s different! 
-Only one “My hair style” in the world Of course, hair style is an original. 
ぁゆゆん said, “I like pink color, but the other ganguro gals are using pink color.” 
By leaving the gold hair or mix an orange color, she seems to alter own hair style. 
ぁゆゆん's hair style
She tried various color, and also rainbow, but now she is putting the green hair extension mainly. And she said that has a plan to try Halloween hair style. 
ぇりもっこり's hair style
Can’t keep on doing own fashion without efforts. They can enjoy with efforts because they love it. Their love of “Ganguro fashion” touched me deeply because they talked lively about own fashion. 

It is not fashion if it will hurt people.

They said “We never quitted this fashion because we love this fashion, even if people around us told something!”.  Well, in my question “If you have a child?”, ぇりもっこり said “I will quit”. 
She was born the eldest daughter in the countryside of Tochigi. She saw her own young brother was teased by other people due to own clothes because Ganguro fashion is unusual. For this reason, She said that I don’t want to let my child do the same feeling. 
Whereas, ぁゆゆん is thinking “it isn’t fashion, if I will hurt people”, so she said “I will not keep on doing it.”.
But, “I will do what I like for my life”. She said “If this long nails will be an obstacle for cooking, I will cut it, but I will devise to keep on doing nail art.” 
In my question “Do you let your child do the same fashion?”, the answer was “No”. 
They were told by people around them about fashion, so they are thinking “I will let my child do what my child want to.”. 
I think that they will be a good mother. 
-So now, Ganguro Gal take over the Showa. 
I talked two girls and I felt that they have own mind and a strong faith. 
Honestly speaking, ganguro fashion is not popular among men. They have never had a good romantic relationship because of her own fashion. But for men, they know that it’s different to change own mind. 
I felt there are a lot of imitable attitude from them, such as they do not flatter around people and they have a strong faith. 
Actually, they speak with perfect diction, and conversation is interesting. 
ぁゆゆん said, ” I’m very gaudy looks and doing what i want. That’s why I would like to be a down-to-earth person.” The image of “Ganguro Gal” was changed after talked. 
You can enjoy various things at ganguro Cafe such as clothes of the staff, experience of gal makeup, and black food with ganguro gal motif. And also, conversation with staffs is one of an attractive aspect, isn’t it ? 
Present generation has many worries: “Worried about how other people view me.” and “to pay attention to surroundings” and so on. For this reason, “Ganguro Gal” might be needed.